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Murder Weapon was an album that was supposed to be released by the Los Angeles based rapper Hittman for Aftermath Entertainment . That's not an officially released album, it's just an Internet leak.

Murder Weapon produced only few good songs like "Blaaw" (with Dr. Dre and Knoc Turn'al), "Gett Mynz". The big hit was "Last Dayz" and the video of "Forgot about Dre" ends with a snippet from the song. In the album are included, also "Ackrite" and "Housewife" from Dr. Dre's multi-platinum album "2001".

Track Listing

# Title Producer Performer(s)
1 "Front Page" Mel-Man
2 "Let Shit Go" Mel-Man Knoc Turn'al
3 "Blaaw" Dr. Dre Dr. Dre & Knoc Turn'al
4 "Watch Out" Mel-Man Knoc Turn'al
5 "Direct It" Mel-Man
6 "Acrite" Dr. Dre
7 "Last Dayz" Dr. Dre
8 "Gett Mynz" Dr. Dre
9 "Shady" Mel-Man
10 "Ass" Dr. Dre
11 "Hiznit" Mel-Man
12 "Hot Damn" Mel-Man
13 "Comes" Mel-Man
14 "Foot Troper" Mel-Man
15 "Blow It Up" Mel-Man
16 "I be H.I.T.T." Mel-Man
17 "Housewife" Dr. Dre Dr. Dre & Kurupt
18 "Phone Message" Mel-Man
19 "Freestyle Session" Mel-Man
20 "Murder Weapon Outro" Mel-Man