2007 homicides

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2007 Winnipeg Homicides

There have been 22 homicides in Winnipeg. 7 are gang related, and 6 are unsolved.

1. January 16th, Chadwick Lund, Stabbed

2. January 17th, Stuart Mark, Beaten to death

3. Febuary 15th, Roxanne Fernando, Beaten to death

4. March 1st, Douglas McCann, Beaten to death

5. March 9th, Greg Skead, Stabbed, GANG RELATED

6. March 17th, John Lane, Stabbed

7. March 26th, Thomas Phillips, Shot, GANG RELATED

8. March 27th, Alex Kolesnyk, Stabbed

9. April 19th, Erin Pawlowski, Beaten to death

10. May 11th, Earl Nepinak, Beaten to death,

11. May 26th, Name Not Known, Stabbed

12. June 16th, Alvin McDonald, Shot

13. July 12th, Aaron Nabess, Shot, GANG RELATED

14. July 15th, Aynsley Kinch, Strangled

15. July 20th, Gage Guimond, Beaten to death

16. July 27th, Kristi Hall, Stabbed

17. August 30th, Fonasa Bruyere, Beaten to death,

18. September 1st, Kyle Boss, Beaten to death, GANG RELATED

19. September 15th, Unknown, Shot, GANG RELATED,

20. September 15th, Unknown, Beaten to death, GANG RELATED,

21. September 29th, Anthony Woodhouse, Shot, GANG RELATED,

22. October 1st, Unknown, Beaten to death,