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Full name saintz 4.mobb but are more known by 4.mobb. 4.mobb runs in eastwood area to fairview and stanley park first introduced to kitchener in 2006 4. was hit hard and taken down a notch after a bust in cambridge. 4. took a hard fall due to disloyalty but recently there has been talk 4.mobb has started recruiting and recruiting consisting of repps mobbstas and 4.mobb is the last step. repps must put in work when ever needed and must always be seen with the traditional colors black and red custom made banny. mobbstas must put in work for the set as well but also must be mobbin (means to hustle)for the set the last step is full membership 4.mobb which gives members the ability to vote and come to all group gatherings after all this you can gain more respect and become original after a 4 year period of loyalty and work. a member will recieve a new custom banny with a special print suitible for originals, same colors just different print.


rivals :unknown

respects:hometown crews(ktown)


activity:recently nov, 2008 members went to elements and things were good untill an altercation erupted and a member was jumped by 9 guys . the member came out swinging and was removed from the situation and put outside of the elements club after returning to school another member confronted one of those 9 guys and another fight broke out just to be deleyed untill later that day when more members confronted those 9 guys and broke into a fist fight between a member and another. since then the beef has been dropped for the time being.