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42 division are a certain class of police officers in scarborough that you normal wouldnt want to run into for the folowing reasons

1. they are assholes 2. they are poor assholes 3. they are usualy rookies with something to proove 4. the dont know how to handle any situation they just arrest you

dont get me wrong i am not saying that toronto police are bad imm just saying that this divition are fucking assholes that cannot do there job well i have witnessed 3 fat bellamy road white kids steal some pumpkins from loblaws and then smash them in the parking lot with many people around staring mabee the kids were on drugs mabee there just stupid all imm saying is if a brown any brown person did that people would definatley call the police and 42 division would probly end up geting shot or arrested. if the police force wants some respect from comunities mabee they should not treat every person they see as a potential terrorist and stop this tamil terrorist crap police are stoping and harrasing high school kids and members of the tamil comunity for wearing/displaying the tamil tiger flag or logo because some white people in ottawa have decided to classify tamils as terrorist even thow they have been fighting there own war in there own country for years but all of a sudden the canadian goverment wants to dissrespect and harrass a majority of torontos population for celebrating there culture and supporting there troops nobody critisizes white canadians for supporting there troops in afganistan on a stupid ass mision.

basicly thats why alot of people say "fuck 42 division" because they are assholes dont expect cooperation and respect from scarborough parents and youth when u treat them like shit and harass them. remember new white people are scared of what they dont understand, Culture sadly falls into that catagory these people in charge and who are running this city are not from scarbrough they dont know what goes on here they didnt grow up i dont even theink they went to public school so think about how they would respond to seeing what goes on at town center on a friday.... BASTARDS!!!!!