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This is gang formed by young aboriginals from North Central/North East Edmonton with a rough estimate of 20 members. The 4 represents the 4 leaders who founded the clan and "DK" represents dirty kids in other words crip killers. Like every other blood gang they represent red by clothing and bandana. They are believed to be tied with Indian Posse and King Pin Bloods. They have came in conflicts with RA, STS, PDB, CVC . The crime that they part take in are minor drug trafficking, but mainly muggings and robberies.This gang is made up of youths just trying to fit in, that write on walls members as young as 8.4DK is known to be more of a hang around gang with little infulence in there neigborhoods. 4 dirty kids are a bunch of fucking goofs who have no respect for other blood crews they snicth on each other and jack and beat up fellow bloods this crew is bull shit and give all the other blood sets bad names and the four dirty ass kids who formed this crew need a good as whoopin or atleast need to learn to control their fuckin crew... what crew this is no fucking crew a crew of true bloods never jump bloodz no matter what set a bloodz a blood respect that and then you can call your self a blood not these bitches this is what u dont wana be a bunch of punk ass wiggers BRRRAAATTTT (BRAAAAAAAAAATT??? Fuckin' losers)

R.I.P SOUP?!!1

fuck 4 dirty ass kids