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Link title===noun=== buck-fifty

1.Buck-fifty is getting cut from a razor blade, that will leave you with a hundred and fifty stitches. "A buck-fifty across his face with my razor." -- 2Pac (Pain {1994}). "Sharp as a buck-fifty, doin' my dance, and honey mad cause she can't keep up with me" -- Jadakiss (Family Affair Remix)

2. a hundred and fifty miles per hour, such as, 'doin a buck-fifty (buck meaning one hundred).

3. Young Buck and 50 Cent.

4. One hundred and fifty dollars for the street literate people...If you aint hood, then you wont get it...question: "How much those rims cost?" reply: "About a buck fifty"

5. The term 'Buck Fifty'(often pronounced Buck FIT`dee) originated in the mid to late '90s when the average going rate for a 'SLICE' of pizza in NY was $1.50....EG: "Yo Sun, I grabbed da OX an' gave dat nigga a BUCK FITDEE across 'is face.