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The Visible Studio software applied to create web site pages includes any "Publish" wizard that is assists you in making pages live. The tool eliminates the need to perform with your host's Web interface, so that you can edit pages and publish it without delay from your desktop. You require the FTP data that was provided by your host while you created the Web hosting account.

1 Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Click "Microsoft .NET," then click "Visual Studio" to open your website programming software.

2 Click the "Wide open" toolbar product. Click your web site project identify also click "Available" in the dialog window. All of the files associated along with your web site venture load in the editor, so all project files are included while you publish the web site.

3 Click the "Website" menu item, then click "Duplicate Web Site." The menu piece opens the publishing wizard. Click "Link" to open the connection configuration window. link building.

4 Click "FTP Site" with the remaining navigation panel. Type the FTP address, username and password provided by your hosting firm in the configuration word boxes. Click "Wide open." Visual Studio connects to the hosting server thus you can upload your assignment files.

5 Drag also decline each file you want to upload away from the left panel to the right panel. After you finish copying all the files, click the "Disconnect" button.


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