Eme Gang

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The Mexican Mafia was started in Southern Cali in the 1950's. Their founder is Luis Huero Buff Flores. There are several Hispanic gangs that are controlled by the Mexican Mafia & those gangs include the Surenos, Eighteen Street Gang & MS-13 to name a few. Gangs under the Mexican Mafia wear the colors brown and white, the brown represents Brown Pride(Latino Pride) & the white represents purity. Their original color was blue but they stopped the wearing of blue cause they would often be mistaken as Crips. ALthough the Mexican Mafia is alligned with the Crips they are not apart of the Crip Alliance. Their main rivals are gangs under the Blood Alliance which include the Bloods Gang, Pirus, Black P. Stones & the Nortenos to name a few, they wear the colors red & black. Gangs under the Mexican Mafia often represent the number 13 because the letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet & it represents La Eme aka the Mexican Mafia.