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The following sites have been pimped in spam posts to the Freakipedia. There is not enough research on the individual sites to warrant a separate listing. See Category:Spam Sites for a full listing of spam sites. Not all of the spam sites are posted directly to Freakipedia. In many cases the content spammed to Freakipedia contains a link to another vandalized Wiki which in turn links to the spam site.

Quack and Counterfeit Medicine Spam

Link farm site pretending to offer reviews of online pharmacy sites. The reviews at sites like this are not genuine but marketing claims from the sites themselves. is a premiere link farm site for online pharmaceutics.
Offering the best of breed staff-written reviews we can create the illusion
of a robust, vibrant user community for even the smallest online pharmacies.
Tired of only getting one or two orders a year? We can make you look bigger
than Amazon, no matter WHAT you ship (Or what's REALLY in it *wink, wink*)

One of many scam operations that lack the word of mouth and repeat business to stay in business without using wiki spam to advertise. Expect expired, contaminated and counterfeit drugs if they ship anything at all.

This scam operation sells HCG, a hormone from the urine of pregnant women, as a weight loss supplement. There is NO evidence that HCG works. Many retailers get around this by putting their victims on a 500 calorie a day diet. By forcing them to be anorexic while on the diet the victims will lose some weight and attribute this not to starvation but the HCG placebo.

The site claims to sell contact lenses, but according to online reviews, on the rare occasions when they ship actual lenses they are generally expired or contaminated. According to a number of reviews, they often ship the wrong prescription, size and type of lens. It's been suggested that simply has a box of expired and damaged product that they ship out randomly when they decide to fulfill an order.

There is no evidence the site actually ships the products they advertise.'s unusual URL suggests a fly-by-night scam operation using a disposable URL. Things like the double-hyphen make it unlikely people would remember the URL when trying to place a repeat order, meaning the people behind site probably don't expect to receive repeat orders. If it is not an outright scam, then the marketing staff is clearly incompetent and in dire need of replacement. Such incompetence suggest the operation may not last long enough to fulfill many orders anyway.

The spam posted to the Freakipedia shows the site trying to boost their search engine ranking for the term Billige Linser and variations on the word lens. also uses the URLs:


Automotive Listing Spam

While not directly spammed to the Freakipedia, this URL is the only live, potentially revenue-generating site linked to by The site has the disclaimer " is not in any way connected with, nor endorsed by BMW Australia" and the only contact information found on the site is a form to request a new car quote. This is probably a finance or phishing scam of some kind. /

The site offers no obvious contact information. No information is given about the "reviewers" on the site except for an unverifiable claim that they are "independent." Despite having a "Discount Prices" link for all "reviewed" models, the only only links that leave are to This appears to be an AstroTurf site intended to direct traffic to

Using the site's "contact Us" form has not produced a response.

A small site of only a few pages that appears to have been designed exclusively as an excuse for the use of Google ads.

Gambling Spam

An illegal online gambling operation. It is a violation of federal law for US Citizens to use such a site.

A honeypot site designed to lure people into dodgy investments. The companies it represents tend to be fly by night scams. The site exists to exploit people who invest in companies without doing their research first.

Note that reading the marketing materials on does not constitute actual investment research. It's like trying to decide between Coke and Pepsi based on Coke ads.

Suspected Identity Theft Operations

Shell site that links to and

More data is needed on this site.

More data is needed on this site. / /

An apparent loan shark or identity theft operation.

Attempts to contact the site administrators have produced no responses. Once you visit the page you receive a series of popup dialogs trying to prevent you from leaving it. This is typical of sites being used to run various scams or distribute malware.

More information about can be found in the article The Payday Loan Scam

The site claims to help you find a home loan, but it is not possible to submit any information through a secure connection. They can't even be bothered to offer the security level used by In the USA, this is illegal. It is unknown if exposing sensitive data in this manner is illegal in Australia.

Identity theft operation. Their secure certificate is invalid, as it was self signed by "".

The site's footer claims it was designed by "Web Design Manchester". A similar site,, claims to be owned by "My Money Group LTD" allegedly headquartered in Manchester.

While it is possible to load the site using HTTPS, the certificate is "self signed" and stolen from plesk. None of the forms on the web site used encryption. This includes the forms askingf or your financial data. This is the behavior of criminals operating an identity theft operation, not legitimate debt consolidation enterprises.

One of several sites for an alleged identity theft operation.

While the site asks for financial data, it uses no encryption. This is illegal in most civilized nations.

The web site's footer claims the site is

owned by My Money Group LTD, 1 Worsley Court, High Street Worsley, Worsley, Manchester, M28 3NJ, Company Number  - 07709369
The Website is operated by Personal Debt Helpline, Anglia House, Carrs Road, Cheadle, Stockport, Cheshire, SK8 2LA, Company Number – 05990423, Consumer Credit License (CCL) – 0603003

My Money Group LTD changed it's name to PALAMEDIA LIMITED (PMX) in 1999, and was "delisted"[1] in 2002. This means the 2011 claim by to be owned by My Money Group LTD can not be true, as My Money Group LTD had ceased to exist under that name 12 years before claimed to be owned by them.

A Australian company named InfoChoice purchased the assets of My Money Group in 2001 [2] [3] [4] [5]

This site appears to be a phishing scam of some kind. Efforts to get a sample quote using fake, but realistic, information yielded no results.

A web site soliciting personal data for allegedly providing information on assigning a power of attorney. No encryption is used on the web forms asking for your information. Trying to load an HTTPS version of the site fails, as there is no encryption available on the site. Competent lawyers would know better than to let a brain dead mistake like this go live. If this isn't a scam, the lawyers behind it are too stupid to be trusted to give reliable advice.

Other Uncategorized Spam Sites / is a shell site that appears to exist solely to track a spam and wiki vandalism ad campaign for The latter site processes all orders through The use of an intermediary site makes it harder to research the company before making a purchase. This was probably wise on the part of as a number of negative reviews about poor customer service and potentially fraudulent advertising can be found.


A very sleazy company -- beware! They are known for spamming Wikipedia and other sites with links, as they can't keep customers honestly.

By a customer via post-transaction survey Apr 10, 2011[7]

We ordered the product online and and were told that the item was in stock and would be shipped to us in 7 to 10 days. Our credit card was charged immediately. Five days later we received an e-mail from the company informing us that the product would not be available for 2 months. I called to cancel the order and requested that our credit card be reimbursed. Apparently fireforless planned to keep our money tied up for however long it took them to get the item in stock. NOT very professional!

posted Aug-23-2011[8]

The service is horrible. I ordered a month ago and the merchandize finally arrived today. I contacted the customer service via email several times. They keep responding they are investigating the case. I finally decided to cancel the order. They said they just shipped it and if I want to return it. I will have to pay the shipping fee.. I have a horrible experience with website. Do not shop here!

posted Aug-22-2011[9]

Seller does not notify buyer when an item is backordered, website shipping estimates not accurate, no live phone support (called 800 number multiple times, only to get a message saying to email them).

posted Aug-15-2011[10]

Buyers Beware! This company is a total Bait and SWITCH shady outfit! On Aug 1, 2011 I placed an order for 5 outdoor lighting fixtures. The website advertised that the items were "In-Stock" and would ship in 24-48 hours of payment. Payment was made, through PayPal, on 8/2/2011. I also received an order confirmation email on 8/2/2011 which stated delivery would be in 7-10 days. Included was a pitch for their wonderful Customer Service and and staff availability (via email or phone) to answer questions and resolve issues. Based on this detailed information, I felt confident to face our final home construction inspection scheduled for 8/19/2011. There was give plenty of time to receive and mount the fixtures to be ready for our BIG DAY! Well, that's as Good as it GOT! 7 business days passed from the payment date and there was NO contact from On 8/10/2011 I sent an inquiry, via email, asking for shipping and delivery information. I received NO response. On 8/13/2011, I send another inquiry; again to no avail. On 8/15/2011 I tried to contact the company via phone. The phone was answered by a recording that stated "Unfortunately, we can not answer your call at this time", "send an email and we will get back to you." Needless to say, on 8/15/2011, I sent another email to fireforless demanding an actionable response to my questions. Finally, I received an email from that stated "Unfortunately the items I ordered were NOT "In-Stock" but actually on Back Order and not available to ship from the manufacturer until after 9/28/2011". 2 hours following receipt of the email from, one of their representatives, Joe, called to reiterate "UNFORTUNATELY" was just informed today of the back order situation and there was nothing that he could do. He also told me that "UNFORTUNATELY, their phone system was not operational and there was no voice mail option, so at this time, email was the only method available to communicate with Unfortunately, this business is truly an unacceptable excuse for a reputable honest company. Their prices were NOT less expensive than their competition but rather demonstrate: Innacurate product posting practices, making excuses rather than offering solutions and non-existent customer support. Based on my present experience with, I wholeheartedly support their competition and persuade everyone I know to steer clear of fireforless,com

Additional reviews can be found at various web sites.

When reading reviews of the site, notice that the "positive" reviews tend to be clustered in time, as if one person has posted all of the positive reviews in a short time span.

If you're dumb enough to order from these jokers, make sure to call ahead and make sure the item is in stock BEFORE giving them your credit card.

The site claims to sell assmann furniture. No reliable reviews were found. Buyer beware.

A DV Freak tried to contact them.

 On 10 October 2011 12:26, Jameson wilfrid wrote:
 This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
 Jameson wilfrid
 Why are you using spam posts and wiki vandalism to advertise?
 Does that work or are you being ripped off by a sleazy 
 SEO outfit?
from	Phil Poynter
to	Jameson wilfrid
date	Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 9:12 AM
subject	Re: Bucon: Harassment from your web site
Can you give me evidence of this please?
Kind Regards,

Jameson Wilfrid replied with samples of the garbage text being posted to Freakipedia and other sites. He also sent the following:

On 10 October 2011 14:50, Jameson Wilfrid wrote:
This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
Jameson Wilfrid <>
Phil Poynter,
"Can you give me evidence of this please?"
Here is a sample:
Whoever you hired to do your SEO is ripping you off.
May I ask who you hired?
from	Phil Poynter
to	Jameson Wilfrid
date	Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 9:58 AM
subject	Re: Bucon: Some of the evidence you requested.
Thank you for this.
I will contact the company we use, however, I cannot give
out the information of who we use.
Kind Regards,
Bucon Ltd

Jameson Wilfrid sent the following but has yet to receive a reply.

I find it disappointing that you've chosen to protect
the identity of the spammer damaging your company's
reputation with black hat SEO tactics. If you use,
stand by and defend the people who degrade the quality
of the Internet for all of us, don't be surprised when
you are considered one of their ilk.

Verdict: Spammer, and they seem proud of it.

Using the site's "contact Us" form has not produced a response.

Australian site suspected of malware and Trojan distribution. They offer allegedly pirated flash web games of dubious quality. The domain is registered to a "Shaun McGowan", the name of an Irish singer and member of The Pogues. It's unknown if this is a coincidence, or a sloppy attempt at identity theft by the person or persons responsible for

The information about this spam site has been moved to its own article at

Ripoff site that appears to be geared towards finding out when you're not home so they can have someone go over and rob your house.

A Texas based company claiming to sell dog doors for home instillation.

Dog Door Biz
801 West 5th Street
Austin, Texas 78703

The address listed on the web site if for an apartment complex that has restaurant space available for rent.[11]. It's obvious this is something being run out of someone's home.

The spam site claims to be affiliated with Online Stores, LLC. This apparent fly-by-night operation has equally haphazard sites selling organic baby bedding, macaroons and beanbags. The lack of focus in product line suggest an organization throwing up quick and dirty web sites to move damaged, expired or "fallen off the truck" products.

The incredibly generic name and rotating list of web sites helps isolate the company from the damage of accumulated complaints and legal actions. This makes it difficult to track down complaints, ripoff reports and legal actions against the company. Whoever is running Online Stores, LLC., they appear to have something to hide.

Do not buy from

An alleged web design firm that claims to cater to accounts using the headline "CPA Websites". Freaks interested in wasting the time and bandwidth of these parasitic spammers can sign up for one of their free webinars[12]

One of many web sites that offers nothing more than repackaged google search results. They just add a layer of spam to get a cut.

Their results appear to exclude sites that don't have advertising affiliate programs, so you only get listings that happy pay spanners to promote them.

Link farm site that redirects purchase attempts to It is not known at this time if is abusing an affiliate program for, or if is a knowing and willing participant in wiki vandalism for advertising purposes. /

Links to redirect to This appears to be an identical site design and configuration to the / pairing. More information is needed. /

Links on redirect to More information on this vandalism promoted site are needed. /

Links on redirect to More information on this vandalism promoted site are needed.

The web site has the following contact information:

Email Our Webmaster
If you encounter any technical problems while using our site,
please call us at 1-855-897-9935 or
email our webmaster at:
Send Us A Letter
If you prefer, you can write to one of the following addresses:
Corporate Headquarters
ILS Holdings, LLC
Executive Offices
101 S State Road 7
Suite 201
Hollywood, FL 33023
Customer Service Department
101 S State Road 7
Suite 201
Hollywood, FL 33023
Returns Department
101 S State Road 7
Suite 201
Hollywood, FL 33023

A foundering company[13] that sells scanning software. The company has been named as a creditor in bankruptcy filings, raising questions about their cash flow.[14] [15]

Despite claiming to sell bathroom fixtures, most attempts to research the site turn up nothing but their own spam. Reputable firms with quality products do not advertise by vandalizing other web sites.

A puppy mill operation in Australia. The only reviews found online were being promoted by the site itself, suggesting a lack of real world customers. Buyer beware. Expect an inbred, sick and mistreated animal if you're dumb enough to buy from spammers.

Link farm site masquerading as a talent agency.

A high cost, low quality telephone system vendor. Their desperate and pathetic need to resort to spam and Wiki vandalism to advertise does not speak well for the quality fo their work and the long term viability of the organization. Anyone currently using them for phone system support would be well advised to look into backup service providers and business continuity plans for when goes out of business.

This is the site for The Australian Postal Service's yawn inducing ad campaign. The public response has been stunning indifference. In an effort to fight their decline into irrelevancy some bonehead decided to use spam posts to boost the campaign's search engine ranking (SEO). It might benefit the Australian Postal Service if they put more money into actually delivering packages intact and less money into spam post campaigns.

The campaign's use of the slogan Zing Your Thing lead DV researchers to initially conclude it had to be a prank. Sadly, this abomination of a site is very real.