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Building up a multitude of twitter followers is actually pretty simple, you need to make sure you treat them properly and in turn they will be a loyal follower. Now Twitter is a viral tool - as you get more people to follow you then you have a much better chance of getting their followers to follow you if they reply to you on something then that shows up in their message area for people to see when they are on his/her page. Not to mention people love to follow the crowd and once you have a giant Twitter following people will automatically think you are an important person in your niche so they had better follow you ;) Paving The Road To More Twitter Followers...

Ok, now nobody wants to follow someone who has nothing going on. So to get things started, first I recommend you make 5 tweets, make them about anything, say hi and introduce yourself, then talk about your day or something, then maybe throw in a couple of cool YouTube videos for people to watch. At this point just make them interesting a little bit these will be to make sure people think you are really posting and not just some spam robot signing up followers, make the posts over and over. you should already have completed your profile and design at this point, but if you haven't done that by now then you need to be sure it is done before moving on. Then go to 'Find people' at the top and 'Suggested users' - there you will find about 20+ users you can follow straight away, and hopefully some of them will automatically follow you back. After following some people take time to repy to some posts from them, now you have a page with your posts, the replies you made, you are following people and should have some followers yourself - you are now an active part of the community and can go forth and get more followers! Some methods to get more twitter followers Following People you know to get more twitter followers

If you know anyone you think could be on Twitter, or clients etc - then use the 'Find people' function and you can search by name, username, email address etc to find people and start to follow them. Keyword hunting To Find Targeted People And More Twitter Followers Ads by Google

Getting followers is pretty good, but they have to be targeted to your niche you are trying to market in. There is no point having a giant list of people who have no interest in the main topic you talk about! So if you go to 'search' at the bottom of the screen, then you can search for a keyword related to your niche and it will bring up all the tweets with that keyword in. That is a goldmine of people to follow! They are talking about the topic you want them to be interested in, so as long as it is not a negative tweet about the niche then start following these people! All of them probably wont follow you back, but then you can use the next technique to try and get them to follow you. Interaction is the key to get more twitter followers free

A very simple method of getting more twitter followers would be to answer someone's tweet then you definitely appear within their 'replies' inbox when they are not following you. Which means this may be used to try to get individuals who you're following but you are not following you back, to follow along with you. Should you spot a tweet from their store you believe you may make an amiable and intelligent answer, maybe enable them to out with something they're asking etc, then you definitely might create a buddy and obtain a follower! The greater powerful version of the is that if somebody that you contact replies back. Your answer them won't appear within their message area when among their followers views it, it simply would go to them. But all of the replies you signal to individuals appear inside your message area. What am i saying? This means if you're able to get someone with a lot of followers to deal to after this you your company name becomes a pleasant clickable link within their message area and all sorts of their followers see it, combined with the proven fact that the individual they're following appears to like you... which hopefully can get people clicking and looking at your profile and following you! Try replying for their tweet, and asking an issue of these, who can resist replying to a good question? Utilising Your Virtual Real Estate For More Twitter Followers

Another great way to get targeted followers is to get people who come to your website or blog to add you to Twitter. The best way is to ask them in a post (or every post, use it as a p.s. under your name!) or you can find various 'Follow me' icons round the net that you can link straight up to your profile so people can click through and see if they want to follow you. You could also put up a Twitter Counter - which resembles a feedburner counter and shows how any followers you have! That then goes through to your profile when people click it. It is probably best to wait until you have 500+ followers before you add that in though as people tend to follow others that seem popular. Go Celeb Hunting To Get More Twitter Followers

I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you need targeted followers! So what better way to do that then go seeking people in your niche who are the 'celebrities' of your niche, the big companies or names. If they really are at the top of your niche then you can bet that they are on Twitter, and you can bet they have put some effort into getting followers too! Now they won't all be targeted to that person, but most will - and if they like what this person has to say then they must be interested in your niche - so go and follow them! You can click on the number of followers someone has and it will bring up a list of all their followers, then you can go through and start following away! Remember what I said about not appearing like a spambot through, only do so many at a time and try to keep the follow requests spread out at least slightly so you don't follow a person every 2 seconds like a spambot would! Another great thing to do is go and visit a shop, there are loads of shops on Twitter that use it to announce offers etc - if someone is following a shop on Twitter, and that shop caters to your niche... then they are ultra targeted! This method pertains to anyone inside a niche that has plenty of free followers - to help you simply do keyword searches too so when you stumble across someone with many different followers then you definitely have hit a goldmine!