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The Indian Posse are an Aboriginal street gang set in Western Canada based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is one of the largest street gangs in Canada. Stories have been dated back to the inception of the gang around 1990, but members have said that the very first generation of Indian Posse was actually formed in 1988, inside Stony Mountain Institution. The Indian Posse operates under a paramilitary structure of Chiefs, Warriors and Strikers. The Chiefs are voted into power by the gangs Warriors and the Warriors control the Strikers. Strikers must prove their loyalty to the Warriors before the Warriors recommend the Striker to the Chiefs. Warriors are allowed to tattoo “bar arms” in their skin while the Chiefs tattoo a shield on their neck. Authorities theorize that Indian Posse members earn status in the gang by completing "missions" such as armed robberies, arson and homicides. Some reported recruitment incidents have been particularly savage affair, where the prospect has been forced to passively endure a 2 to 3 minute beating. Recruitment is often aggressively sought, with newly admitted prisoners pressured to receive tattoos with the letters "I.P." Indian Posse members can also be identified by red bandannas or other articles of clothing. Authorities asserts that the Indian Posse, in addition to engaging in marijuana cultivation, auto theft, illegal firearms activities, gambling, and drug trafficking, also supports and facilitates criminal activities for the Hell's Angels motorcycle club and Asian-based networks. Police claim the Indian Posse are still just focused on threatening violence and reputation and that they have not evolved as a gang with the same sophistication as the Manitoba Warriors. The Indian Posse's enemies include Redd Alert, Manitoba Warriors (along with the Alberta Warriors and Saskatchewan Warriors respectively), African Mafia, Loyalty Honour Silence, Most Organized Brothers, the CENTRAL, the White Boy Posse, the Zig Zag Crew and the Native Syndicate. Founding father Richard Wolfe 's notion of the Indian Posse as a gang with a dream of being "proud Indians," who "will join the great Spirit in the sky".