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Wave Broadband is an Internet corporation based in the western United Express (encompassing Washington, Oregon also northerly California). The firm carry DSL Internet services to both corporation plus home computers by way of an installed Ethernet wire plus DSL modem. The installation procedure remains similar to that of most other Broadband firms, plus it only takes a few mins to comprehensive.


Things You'll Need

2 Ethernet cables Wave DSL modem Driver installation CD

Advocate Edits

1 Connect the DSL modem to a local power source and turn the modem "On." A power button is located on the back of the DSL modem.

2 Put in one Ethernet wire inside the wall port. The Wave Broadband technician places awake this wall port when setting upward the house for any Internet relationship.

3 Connect the opposite conclusion about the Ethernet cable into the "WAN" port on the DSL modem. Insert the second Ethernet cable into single of the "Outside" ports on the modem, then insert the free end of the cable into the "WAN" port on the computer. A mild by the WAN port on the PC lights upward to signal the protected relationship.

4 Insert the driver installation CD provided and an installation magician appears on the screen. Follow the brief accordants to install the required driver.

5 Open the Internet browser on the PC, subsequently look on the base of the DSL modem. An "HTTP:" link is listed here. Kind on the entire link plus press "Enter." An activation page to the modem looks on the screen. Pick a username and password, then check off if you are using the DSL broadband modem with a wireless Web connection and if it is some house based or office based computer. Click "Save" and the Wave Broadband remains ready to operate.


Wave Broadband: Technical Support

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