Kid Frost

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Kid Frost

Arturo Molina Jr., Chicano MC aka Frost. First Chicano rapper. Inspired by Prince Whipper Whip, a Puerto Rican MC from New York, and fellow Los Angeles rapper Ice-T, Kid Frost started rapping, releasing a couple of electro funk 12" on an independent label. Later on, he released the bilingual track "La Raza". After two albums on Virgin Records, he was signed by Ruthless/Relativity/Sony, changing or shortening his name to Frost. After that, he returned to releasing records on independent labels, among them Low Profile Records, one of the most popular Chicano rap labels.


Early 12"s

  • Commando Rock (1984) (C-Jam and Kid Frost) (Baja Records) - Produced by Allen Perada and Dave Storrs
  • Rough Cut (1984) (Electrobeat # 001) - Produced by DJ Pebo & The Alien Wizard, Executive Producer: Dave Storrs
  • Terminator (1985) (Electrobeat # 005) - Produced by Dave Storrs


  • Hispanic Causing Panic (Virgin Records 1990)
  • East Side Story (Virgin Records 1992)


  • Smile Now, Die Later (Ruthless Records/Relativity Records 1995)
  • When Hell.A.Freezes Over (Ruthless Records/Relativity Records 1997)
  • That Was Then, This Is Now Vol.I (Celeb-Entertainment 1999)
  • That Was Then, This Is Now Vol.II (Celeb-Entertainment 2000)
  • Still Up In This Shit! (Hit-A-Lick Records/KOCH Records 2002)
  • Somethin' 4 The Riderz (40 Ounce Records 2003)
  • Welcome To Frost Angeles (Thump Records 2005)
  • Till The Wheels Fall Off (Low Profile Records 2006)
  • Bluntz N Ballerz (Thump Records 2007)
  • All Oldies (Old West 2011)
  • All Oldies 2 (Old West 2012)

As OG Kid Frost

  • Old School Funk (Old West 2013)