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Template:Infobox Musical artist Savas Yurderi (born in Aachen) aka Kool Savas, is a German rapper and hip hop artist of Turkish descent. His real name is Savaş Yurderi. Savaş is the Turkish word for War.


2000: The Beginning and first successes

Savas startes his rap carrer with the Warum rappst du ("Why do you rap")-EP which stood up with provocatives lyrics, like the song "L.M.S./Schwule Rapper" (L.M.S. (Lutsch mein Schwanz; Suck my dick)/Gay rappers). Early he raps (under the name Juks) mostly in English talking crews like Basic Elements. He became successfull through the groups Masters of Rap and Westberlin Maskulin.

2001 he left with M.O.R. his former label Put da needle to da records, because of personal and artistic differences. It released a diss track versus his former label chef Peter Sreckovic titled "Track gegen Peter" (Track vs. Peter), where Savas gave reason for his exit.

2002 he founded his own label Optik Records, where he released his first soloalbum titled Der beste Tage meines Lebens ("The best day in my live"), for that he wonns the Comet. Kool Savas worked together with severval national musicians like Azad, Curse, Samy Deluxe, Eko Fresh, Taktloss and Xavier Naidoo. He also worked together with severval international musicians like Lumidee, Royce Da 5'9", Kurupt, A-Plus, RZA, KutMasta Kurt, Dem Franchize Boyz, & L.E.S. .


Albums and Mixtapes

Year Title Chart Positions Sales IFPI Certifications
1997 "Demotape '97"
'"Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes" (with Taktlo$$ as Westberlin Maskulin)
1999 "Hoes, Flows, Moneytoes LP" (with Taktlo$$ as Westberlin Maskulin)
2000 "Warum rappst du?"
"Battlekings" (with Taktlo$$ as Westberlin Maskulin)
2001 "Haus & Boot EP"
"NLP" (with M.O.R.)
2002 "Der beste Tag meines Lebens" 95,000
2003 "Nur Noch 24 Stunden" (with Freunde der Sonne)
2004 "Die besten Tage sind gezählt"
"Kool Savas goes Hollywood"
2005 "One" (with Azad) 96,000
"Die John Bello Story" 60,000
2007 "No Money No Problem"
"Tot oder Lebendig" 45,000
2008 "Best Of" 6,000
"John Bello Story II" 30,000
2009 "John Bello Story II Brainwash Edition"


Year Title Chart Positions Album
2000 "King Of Rap"
"L.M.S./Schwule Rapper" Warum rappst du?
"Fehdehandschuh" (Creutzfeld & Jakob feat. Kool Savas)
2001 "That smut Part 2" (Smut Peddlers feat. Kool Savas)
2002 "D.U.T." (J-Luv feat. Kool Savas)
"Keiner außer uns"
"Till' Ab Joe"
2003 "Optik Anthem" (feat. Optik Crew)
"Der beste Tag meines Lebens" (feat. Valezka)
"Crashin' a Party" (feat. Lumidee)
2004 "Die besten Tage sind gezählt" (feat. Lumidee)
"OK!" (Melbeatz feat. Kool Savas & Samy Deluxe)
"Da bin, da bleib"
"77 Minutes of Strugglin" (with Moses Pelham & Illmat!c)
2005 "Das Urteil"
"Monstershit" (with Azad) One
"All 4 One" (with Azad)
"Guck my man" (with Azad)
2006 "Das ist O.R." (with Optik Crew)
"Komm mit mir"
"Wie er" (with DJ Sweap & DJ Pfund 500)
2007 "Der Beweis"
"Tot oder Lebendig (song)" Tot oder Lebendig
2008 "Melodie" (feat. Meo Mitchell & Senna)
"On Top" (feat. Azad)
"Krone" (feat. Franky Kubrick, Moe Mitchel & Amaris) John Bello Story 2


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