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Ledbury-Banff is a notoriously violent and drug infested area centred around the Banff Street and Ledbury Drive intersect in Ottawa's south end. The area is home to many different ethnicities and is located in close proximity to an upper middle class neighbourhood, which probably adds to the angst of the community. In Ledbury-Banff, a neighbourhood dominated by social housing, families live in units ranging from three to five bedrooms, barely scraping by. Most of the residents are low income and new to Canada. The small but dense housing project located on Ledbury Avenue is home to one of the 2 largest street gangs in Ottawa, the Ledbury-Banff Crips. However, the past few years have seen a greater investment in Ledbury-Banff from outside sources, both financially and from an expertise and support perspective.


The Turn Around of Ledbury/Banff

Program is a Success Story