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Learn AOL Games by reading each game's tutorial.

Among the quite a few entertainment choices available on the Internet, you can access and play games Internet. AOL Games yous one of many web site offering online games. The site has a wide array about options, including casino games, arcade games, classic board games and puzzles. The instructions differ to playing each and every game, so to become skilled you will have to launch the game and review its tutorial.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated


1 Access the AOL Games website (see Resources). The website includes a large index of games to choose from.

2 Select "All Games" or "All Genres" or any other class with the top regarding the page to access a exact game. For illustration, if you want to launch solitaire, click "Card & Board" plus choose solitaire.

3 Click "Read Total Game Description" to evaluate the description to the game. The description tells whether the game is free to perform and describes the overall game tactic. The specific game directions are not included here, however.

4 Select "Play Free Web" to launch your chosen game. You do not need any AOL account to play. Log on with your AOL, Google, Yahoo or Facebook username plus password. You may also pick "Play as a Guest" if you prefer never to log in using one of these accounts.

5 Delay for the game to load. Select the option with the game window that is exhibits the instructions with play. For example, select "Tutorial' in solitaire, located on the left part of the screen. Read via the game instructions also return to the game. In solitaire, press "Close" to return to the game.

6 Exercise performing the game according to the directions. If you don't full a game, play it again. This is the only way that you will turn into comfortable through your selected games.

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