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Maestro Fresh-Wes



Ever since rap landed in Canada...ever since the first rap Juno Award...ever since the first MuchMusic Rap Video Award...ever since: that's how long Maestro's been at this hip-hop game. "Ever Since" is the new album from Canada's pioneering rapper, Maestro.


In 1989, Maestro (then called Maestro Fresh-Wes) released the landmark single and video, "Let Your Backbone Slide." More than a decade later, in a genre that rarely spawns careers of that length, "Let Your Backbone Slide" is still the biggest selling Canadian rap track in history, earning Maestro a gold single. Based on "Backbone's" success, along with other tracks that garnered substantial attention, Symphony In Effect was certified platinum (it almost went Double Platinum - 190 000 units sold); still the biggest selling rap album in Canadian music history. "Let Your Backbone Slide" is ranked in the top 15 of the best Canadian songs ever released.

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As important as it is to understand where he comes from, Maestro is clear about what the future holds for him. By including talented local musicians, vocalists and producers from his own hometown of Toronto, Maestro makes sure to water the seeds of the upcoming generation.



  • 1988 You Can't Stop Us Now (independent)
  • 1989 Symphony In Effect (LMR/Attic)
  • 1991 The Black Tie Affair (LMR/Attic)
  • 1992 Maestro Zone [EP] (LMR/Attic)
  • 1994 Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!! (Attic)
  • 1998 Built To Last (Attic/Universal)


  • 1989 Let Your Backbone Slide [12"] (independent)
  • 1990 Drop The Needle (LMR/Attic)
  • 1990 Private Symphony (LMR/Attic)
  • 1990 Let Your Backbone Slide [remix] (LMR/Attic)
  • 1990 Don't Play SHARE-AIDS [with D-SHAN] (LMR/Attic)
  • 1991 Conductin' Thangs (LMR/Attic)
  • 1991 Nothing At All (LMR/Attic)
  • 1992 Another Funky Break (LMR/Attic)
  • 1993 It's On The Mike Mechanism (Attic/A & M)
  • 1993 Fine Tune Da Mic (Attic/A & M)
  • 1994 Certs Wid Out da Retsyn (Attic/A & M)
  • 1998 Stick To Your Vision (Attic/Universal)