Managing Personalized Data In The Digital Age

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Report by Binzhao Trento

Managing Personalized Information In The Digital Age

In spite of having immensely powerful computers on our desks, most of us nevertheless don't - or can not organise our private info effectively.

Maybe this comment requirements some explanation. How about an case in point? Today I named up for a quote for motor insurance coverage and, like they all do, there have been a million issues, like

"Have you actually manufactured a declare on your insurance?" - Well sure, I was hit by an uninsured driver, must have been oh, above 10 years ago now.

"Have you any penalty details on your licence?" - Well, it's possible. I did get a speeding penalty, when was it - five years ago? I think it can be almost certainly expended now, but ...

How can it be that I was sitting in front of my Laptop and however not have computer software in area that could answer these issues quickly for me?

Positive, we all know that someplace, we have a piece of paper that must give us the reply, but how often is that the paperwork difficult to find or even missing?

So how ought to we go about storing beneficial information?

Properly, the easy answer is - there's no simple remedy. It also is dependent on what variety of info you want to store. We can think about "info" to be of several types and no doubt you could add to the listing.

To begin with, there is entertainment, music, films etc. This sort of information is effectively catered for in the software program world and not truly the focus of this discussion.

Secondly, there is what could be termed "static" info. It just isn't ongoing but a piece of fairly constant knowledge that might be changed infrequently. Some examples of this form of information could be recipes, your tackle or bank details and so forth. Knowledge of this sort can be really properly organised using text files or phrase processor documents in the filing technique on your Laptop. It is not an intellectual problem to have a folder referred to as "Recipes" which may contain yet another folder named "Beef recipes" which could in turn include named recipe files.

Positive, you may desire to make a transform once in a although if you discover an advancement to the recipe but the info is basically static. Even so, if you want, you can acquire software program to deal with this type of info, for example, Microsoft's One Be aware.

Of far more significance to most men and women is the management of what may possibly be termed "dynamic" info - ongoing chains of occasions that are connected and comply with a logical pattern. Once again, an illustration is maybe the very best way ahead.

A few of decades ago, I was in standard everyday get in touch with with about a dozen organsations. In some circumstances there would be a one point of contact, and in other situations there may be several. All concerned updates and changes to ongoing accounts and there would be regular letters, calls, emails and faxes getting exchanged.

Attempting to organise the information using text paperwork proved to be a nightmare. The quantity and dimensions of the summary documents quickly grew to become unmanageable. If I understood that I had sent a document to a particular person, I would have to search the entire assortment of info to get the specifics.

If you think about it, a large portion of our lives revolve close to activities - points we do or participate in and points that occur to us. But, you most likely have no software program on your Pc that is intended to help us with recording this type of data.

When, for instance, I am arguing by cellphone with someone from a organization that is persistently failing to serve me, I do not want to have to keep referring to a pile of letters and hand created notes in my submitting cabinet. I want to be able to get the info in real time while I chat.

What did I do about it?

Well, getting looked for some software program that would do what I desired, I learned that I could not find any. Thankfully, I was in a situation to dedicate some spare time right here and there and made a decision to create some software myself. Any person who has the abilities and is aware of precisely what they call for can do this in a few weeks.

So, just by hunting at a few of examples like these over, I found myself in a position to offer an outline definition of what was required in a dynamic knowledge tool.

one) Activities

We require to be able to store info relating to activities of all types including making or acquiring a get in touch with/electronic mail/fax, attending a meeting, obtaining a motoring incident and so forth. In simple fact the listing is countless so we want to be in a position to define our individual occasions.

two) Contacts

Far more frequently than not, we will interact with an individual and need to have to know who that is when referring again to the file in the long term. We may well also want to have full address and contact details for the individual.

three) Organisations

Typically, we will deal with an organisation these kinds of as the Fuel Business or the Motor Insurance Business. Specifics require to be stored and, just like Contacts, we may want to shop particulars of addresses, phone/fax figures, e mail addresses and many others.

four) Dates

Obviously, we would want to keep data about when the occasion occurred. Also, it may possibly be useful to shop information relating to when the document was designed and when it was final edited. This can allow us to authenticate when information was entered and demonstrate that we haven't created untrue documents of past activities.

5) Text notes

We require to be capable to keep in depth notes (if we desire) detailing the function and it's possible a separate discipline for storing specifics of the outcome.

six) Other information

The technique would require to be able to link to other files on the Personal computer that may possibly be associated to the function. For illustration, if a chain of events commenced by acquiring a letter from the financial institution, then, even if we hold the original paper duplicate, we may desire to store a scan of the document on the Computer so that all information is offered from a solitary spot. This file ought to be available from within the application.

What capabilities would we like to see in such a program? Here's my personalized desire record ...

Multi user or one consumer?

There are benefits to equally ways so why not mix the two?
Firstly, produce a multi-consumer technique with Username and Password protection. Then enable users to make Activities (or Contacts) either Manifeste or Private. That way, they can share details that may possibly be related to all of the family or all of the product sales team, but nonetheless maintain their very own personal knowledge if they desire.

However, it might also be proper to have the ability to preserve far more than a single database. For instance, you could want to shop perform and property data in diverse information so that if say, you move work, you can pass on the operate knowledge to your successor and preserve the private knowledge.

As we may possibly be operating in a many user scenario, it would plainly be acceptable to look at both all Manifeste activities or filer the listing to show only our individual knowledge. We want this available at the click of a button

Tackle and get in touch with knowledge

First of all, an organisation may possibly have a lot of addresses, so we require to be ready to store limitless addresses for any granted organisation. Any adjust to an address (e.g. an office shift) should update all contacts based at that address.

Secondly, contacts may also have more than one particular deal with. There may be a require to shop a house handle or there may possibly be a need to have to store a perform tackle (or equally).

As we have the capacity to store deal with info, in the passions of performance, we need to be in a position to print an address label. To do this, we need to have to be able to work with any label sheet layout. And NO templates as, in my expertise, they Never ever work.

As we can retailer electronic mail details, we ought to be able to generate an email to the selected particular person or people from inside of the software.

And, as we keep details of occasions, naturally, if we deliver an e mail or print an deal with label, we require the technique to produce an Event for us, leaving us only to complete the details of the contents of the letter or email.

Eventually, I realised that we may offer with the identical individual in a amount of different capacities so we need to have to be capable to website link a get in touch with to more than one particular organisation. As an example, your bank supervisor could also serve with you on a committee or be a member of your jeu team.

Sorting events in chronological order

Certainly, for logical reading.

Filter events

We require to be in a position to decide on any organisation or any make contact with and watch all our occasions for this organisation/contact in a listing type with the potential to watch the facts of any occasion we select. For instance, envision the technique was utilized by a chiropractor or other health treatment professional. Every single patient would be saved as a contact and simply by selecting them from a drop down list and generating a simple mouse click, we could get a total historical past of their visits to us along with all out notes.

Also, we need to have the potential to search for keywords and phrases in the Notes, Outcome and Event form fields.


I might wish to have a paper duplicate of all my occasions or just a record relating to an organisation or an specific. For usefulness, I could also want to print a sheet of contact facts for an person.

To do checklist

It would seem logical, if we are dealing with occasions, to be able to shop reminders for issues we need to do in the foreseeable future.

Person interface

Effortless to use with a lot less than fifty percent the number of buttons, shortcuts, menu objects, back links and so on than other info manipulation software program.


I feel that a program like this would be of huge benefit to Personal computer customers in many circumstances, be it house or work. I implemented the technique over and find it priceless. Achieving this degree of operation is within the get to of numerous programmers and, if you never want to buy a ready made remedy, why not compose your very own!
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