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Creating a beautiful and sentimental still paperweight is some novel way to organize some messy desk while showing off your loved ones, pets or those you care about. Paperweights are producing a strong comeback in popularity like effectively seeing that making a statement on who is in your living.

Instructions. Custom Lapel Pins.

Things You'll Require

Glass "blank" paperweight White glue

Tiny brush

Photo or printed picture

Suggest Edits

1 Buy "bare" paperweights at any craft store, similar as Michael's or Jo-Ann Stores. These are clear half planets made regarding glass with some hole inside to fill.

2 Copy any favorite image on some color copier or print out any photo out of your computer printer plus center the world on top of the subject matter.

4 Apply a small amount regarding whitened glue to the bottom of the photo paperweight plus affix the picture, photo part up, to the base of the world.

5 Propagate another coat of glue across the back of the picture and squeeze from every excess glue through the brush. Start at the center of the image and push the brush towards the edges to remove air bubbles.

6 Let dry entirely and then apply a small cut out region about felt to the bottom of the still paperweight to prevent slipping.

Tips & Warnings

Add small beads or shells to the outside edge about the photograph paperweight to a unique touch. Layer several pictures or images within any collage style to another great appear. Wear gloves to retain glue from hands.

Suggest piece


Visit this website for superb do-it-your self tips. Here is a retail internet site of great picture paperweights.