North End, Hamilton

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North End

Once Home to mobster Johnny "Pops" Paplia. The north end is home to two of Canada's largest steel works (Stelco and Dofasco). The revolting brown, crumbling mass of factories, slag heaps, and smog. Thriving with drug dealing, prostitution, theft, and music. Calmed down over the years due to high police presents. Due to Drug Dealing and prostitution in the area the phone booth shut off after 9:00pm exept for 911 calls. Main gang present NEC

Low income

Studys have shown that at least 50% of the North End is unemployed. There are multiple housing complexs in the are such as: Jamesville Houses, Picton Street Houses, 500 MacNab, Guise Street co-op Apartments.


Jigz Crillz has made many songs referencing the North End. Such as his song "welcome to the north"-

Notable People