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Nicknamed “The Point”, Point Douglas is bordered to the east by St. Boniface and Elmwood, to the south by Fort Rouge, to the north by St. Johns, and to the west by Burrows, Wellington and Minto. In the 1880s, North Point Douglas was home to many wealthy businessmen and entrepreneurs, but by the turn of century, it became more industrialized due to its proximity to the railroad. Prosperity faded as residents moved to newer North End neighbourhoods, leaving behind mostly new immigrants and poorly-paid factory workers. In 1909, two streets in North Point Douglas became known as Winnipeg’s red light district, a reputation the area has found hard to shake in the century since. Today, North Point Douglas is home to many Aborigional people; nearly 50 per cent of North Point Douglas residents identify as Métis or Native, compared with just 10 per cent in the whole of Winnipeg. Many still live in the area's original houses; most of the housing stock in the area was built before 1950. The area is also home to some of the poorest families in Winnipeg. Three-quarters of the households in the neighbourhood have an annual income of less than $40,000 -- much lower than the average household income in Winnipeg. More than half the area's residents say they didn't graduate from high school, and the unemployment rate hovers around 20 per cent. Gangs such as the Most Organized Brothers and the Manitoba Warriors are known to frequent this area.


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Point Douglas (aka PD) is a crime-ridden neighbourhood in North End. It is a very troubled community dealing with gangs, drugs, guns, and prostitution. Home to gangs such BABYGANGSTAS,NATIVE SYNDICATE,ONLY BROTHAZ ALOUD,CRAZY EIGHTZ, INDIAN POSSE,RUTHLESS POSSE,M.O.B,P.D BOYZ,POINT $IDE, and beleive me therez way moree!!!!!!!!.....

LMFAO theres no way that PD has that many gangs i hear its just MOB and MWS around there now

no way buddy your a dumb ass its not only mw and mob there just on Flora,Stella,Selkirk ave go to other hoods in north end you would meet up with diffrent gangs

You can also call this area Neechee Land