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Quik Is the Name is the debut album from Compton rapper/producer DJ Quik, released on July 1, 1991 on Profile Records. The album is regarded by fans and critics as one of the most acclaimed rap albums of the gangster rap era as well as Dj Quik's best album. The album was entirely produced by Dj Quik, and had a major impact on west coast hip hop, as well as cementing Dj Quik as one of the premier hip hop artists of the 90's. The album went platinum and was included in the Source Magazine's 100 greatest hip hop albums.

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s) Time Sample(s)
1. Sweet Black Pussy DJ Quik DJ Quik 4:20 *"The Incredible Fulk" by Blowfly
2. Tonite DJ Quik DJ Quik 3:23 *"Tonight" by Kleeer
3. Born and Raised in Compton DJ Quik DJ Quik 3:25 *"Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" by Isaac Hayes
*"Hardcore Jollies" by Funkadelic
*"She's Not Just Another Woman" by The 8th Day

"Compton's N the House" by N.W.A

4. Deep DJ Quik DJ Quik, 2nd II None & AMG 3:42 *"Between Two Sheets & "Four Play" by Fred Wesley & the Horny Horns
5. Tha Bombudd DJ Quik DJ Quik 3:47
6. Dedication DJ Quik DJ Quik 1:30
7. Quik Is the Name DJ Quik DJ Quik 2:46 *"I Just Want to Be" by Cameo
8. Loked Out Hood DJ Quik DJ Quik 2:50 *"Do You Like It" by B.T. Express
*"Pumpin' It Up" by P-Funk All Stars
9. 8 Ball DJ Quik, Courtney Branch, Tracy Kendrick DJ Quik 3:30 *"Chameleon" by Herbie Hancock
10. Quik's Groove DJ Quik DJ Quik 1:50 *"Without Love" by Peter Brown
11. Tear It Off DJ Quik DJ Quik, Spin & AMG 3:46 *"Once You Got It" by B.T. Express
*"You Got to Have A Mother for Me" by James Brown
*"Husbands And Whores" by LaWanda Page
12. I Got That Feelin' DJ Quik DJ Quik 3:38 *"A Feeling Is..." by Emotions
13. Skanless DJ Quik DJ Quik, AMG, 2nd II None & Hi-C 2:54 *"That's Enough for Me" by Patti Austin


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