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Delicious is some social bookmarking service that allows buyers to share links on the web. Delicious shortages quite a few of the features you would uncover with some social networking website, such seeing that the ability to communicate in or add buddy. It does, regardless, allow you to research for consumers by way of their username. This may support you unearth a specific buddy on Tasty. You may then add the person to your network to have their bookmarks streamed onto your activity page.

1 Speak with your pal also uncover out his or her Tasty username. If you are unable to make contact with your associate, attempt to imagine regarding usernames the person utilizes for other websites also write them lower.

2 Visit Delicious plus click "Login." Hint into your Toothsome consideration. If you don't possess an consideration yet, click "Hint Awake" also enter your email address, username and password to create any new accounts.

4 Type the buddy's username and click the "Go Arrow."

5 Arrive in the person's Delicious page. If the individual has additional profile data, such as any website, it is displayed on the upper left corner of the screen. You can operate this profile information to see if this is your buddy, which is helpful if you had to guess the username.

6 Browse through your good friend's Delectable bookmarks on the principal profile page, if desired. If you desire to add the person to your network, click "Add to Network."


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