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this article is aint finished but um workin on it mr.digga Like someone who is pretending to work on it? the real author

now its more shit that i have ever seen if u call that finished i will call it bullshit (and its so baad that u won't know anything about what shit U have written ;))

fuck u Herbal Sido is ur article not fler danmit just read damit asshole !

I did it i was it i have finished the article it was mr.digga for all the mofo´s _____________________________________________________________________________________

if ya open ure mouth just bullshit comes out so dont talk while eating mofucka so fuq ureself bitch

ey herbal digga bist du dumm ? warum löscht du das mit fler digga er ist ne missgeburt scheisse warum löscht du das aggroberlin is die größte verarschung die es gibt alles nur wannabes und möchtegern ganstar scheisse digga bist du dumm ?

if any body delets this article again i gonna smack ur ass I SWEAR