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I don't understand this gang stuff?? Why do young boys and girls want to throw their lives away for something stupid that happened yrs ago with some grown men that are in prision. Or some punk down the street that thinks he is untouchable and frightens others to make himself feel superior? Wow what a low self esteme problem to have, Don't they see that life is too precious and every moment counts? What you do today reflects what happens tomorrow. Violence is not the answer to anything. If someone laughs at you, tell them to laugh harder.. If they slap you turn a cheek, to be slapped on opposite.. Do to others as you would have them do unto you. Im not hardly the religious type. I like to drink, party and stuff before some one tells me Im preaching..I just don't see the point in stupidity.

I don't see the point in your preaching...

fuck you we aint no dick suckin ass taken mutha fuckaz u lucky i dont know you you fuck youd be dead by now

Thats not what being affiliated is about, its a group of people you can depend on for whatever. People join gangs because if you want to make money in the hood, you're going to sell drugs. If you don't want to get jacked then you'll need some people backing you up. Also all the signs and bandannas on certain sides are so you can see if a stranger is on your side. If so you could try to do business with them. When you meet someone of the same affiliation theres a mutual respect and its comforting to know you can find your people across the country. These aren't idiots running around waving pistols for no reason. People get shot over money. If someone in a rival gang tries to sell shit in your territory then its called short stopping, because they're stopping your potential business short of what it could have been. Being in a gang isn't something you understand because its not necessary to you. If you grew up in the suburbs and your daddy bought you a new car then you don't need money, of course you wouldn't bother. I'm talking about people that have to help their parents with bills from a young age a lot of the time, because their parents don't have all the money to throw around that your parents do. Everyone wants to be the judge and no one really wants to bother trying to clear up your ignorance because its easier just to say fuck em. A gang is really a business of people who will go violent if you fuck with their shit.