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Toba Chung


Olutobi Johnson, aka Toba Chung, was a Flemo Park souljah (as they spell it) who died in a shootout at the young age of 26, on April 22, 2003. He was a part of the Guilty Crime Posse / Productions (G.C.P), and was one of their most talented reggae / r&b artists.

It's just my environment, that make I so violent. Soooooo violent. I'm asking for forgiveness. -- Toba Chung in his song "Father, Forgive Me"

Toba had one thing to say and one thing to hide while he lay dying on the floor of a bar from a rain of bullets.

"Tell my kids I love them. And I'm sorry."

But when he was asked who shot him, he smirked.

Eight-hundred people filled the seats and stood at the back of the sanctuary of Toronto's Bethlehem United Church of Jesus Christ to say goodbye to a 26-year-old man mowed down in a gunfight.

Only the physical body is dead, a mourner said.

Toba Chung is not.

Toba is buried in a cemetery not too far from his Flemingdon Park neighbourhood.

May he Rest In Peace.

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