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Daystar Peterson was dubbed Tory Lanez as a young child for refusing to wait for cross-lights and it is this same impatience that has continued to fuel his motivation to succeed. At only 17 years old Tory Lanez was already beginning to get noticed as one of the hottest artists to hit the Toronto hip-hop/R&B scene. Aside from Toronto, Lanez has also lived in Montreal, Atlanta, Florida and New York, which have all helped developed his diversified sound. Pulling all positives from negative situations, when Lanez lost his mother at a young age, he began to channel such hardship and pain into his work. Having come to Toronto with nothing, Lanez pulled inspiration from his musically talented family, and more importantly; his inner drive for success within the industry. Rapper-singer-pianist-drummer and all around musician, Lanez seems to have it all, and with Fred E Fame leading his management team ‘The V’, it was only a matter of time before they reach across Canada and beyond.


How We Smoke ft. Harlem Mike

I'm Ready

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