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P part of the islington-rexdale crips. dem boyz are gully. Also linked with jane-finch crip side,weston boys,falstaff,blackcreek and most of the latino gangs in the jane-sheppard area but most of all the men in his home hood of rexdale dem boys are highly connected to the streets and are very dangerous to outsiders.. p has the support and the back up of the black community so be fuckin careful around those areas if you think you bad dem boys will get you.

plucky thats my scotian nigga.rexdale all day im at islington-rexdale on top of the coffee time.dis p talkin big up the scotians. APT 1

yo fagget this p talkin u aint shit. me and my homies from the wild wild rex will dust u and your little gay friends i put more work on the streets than u could do in a life time. if your a man reach im in the lobby at falstaff first buildin behind sunrise checkin my homies . if im doin a chop ask the man dem for p theyll show u whats really good.we had your little blood faggs runnin for there lives just like u will be .southside jane strip if u seen me u wounld even look my way pussy u think im a yute im forsure a big mon comparede to u .u fucken with the wrong peps. dont worry as soon as my homie finds what computer your using and address your at. im coming still on yhe block with a lab top not like u sittin at home suckin your girls pussy clot. im waitin for your chump ass you cant even write your name down.u

Mutha FUCK all Rexdale cKrabbs and ANYBODY running with em!! P.O. Bloods on mine, we RUN downtown. Don't get Rexdale man dem band from downtown, white boy. fucken CHUMP ...p rexdale all day