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The Vonage VoIP (Voice over Web Protocol) support allows you to produce calls through the Internet and it yous cheaper as compared to conventional telephone. Setting up a Vonage VoIP link once you own purchased the connection and the phone adapter/router is never tough. Here's how.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

Cables for connection Vonage compatible router/adapter Internet Link with some modem or a router

Setting Awake the Router

1 Make sure your home or workplace wiring is from location. Hire a pro if you have difficulty whereas the work requires numerous expertise. You can employ multiple phones with Vonage VoIP, but prior to you can do this you want to modify your existing wiring.

2 Isolate your existing phone line. Any voltage fluctuation across the line could damage your equipment plus cause a fire.

4 Check all contents of the adapter/router package. This should include the main router also numerous cables.

5 Connect your Vonage VoIP telephone adapter/router. Switch off all equipment. Connect the Ethernet cable coming from of your internet modem to the Internet port on the router.

7 Connect the router's strength rope. Connect the telephone line to any one of the router's phone port. Added phone lines can be connected depending on the quantity about ports available.

8 Switch on the internet modem, Vonage router plus your Pc

Configuring the Router

1 Configure the router to complete the set up method. To work extremely, you can either make use of the collection up CD that can be provided along for your Vonage connection. If you don't need the CD, you may use Vonage's Web use for configuration.

2 To admittance the Web use, enter website in your Web browser. The login screen for your router's administration section will pop increase. Enter "admin" since your username plus password and log within. You may change the password after on.

3 The "Basic Setup" screen is displayed. Choose the kind regarding internet connection. You have 3 options-Obtain an IP automatically (default), Static IP plus PPPoE. If your Internet modem remains enabled to DHCP, you should choose obtain one IP automatically. If you are never certainly approximately the type, inquire your ISP. The "Obtain an IP automatically" remains recommended, being you do not have to manually enter the IP address regarding your Internet bond inside your router settings.

4 If you choose Static IP (your Internet router remains not DHCP), enter the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS plus WNS. If you work not have these, ask your ISP.

5 If you pick out PPPoE, you would want to enter the buyer title plus password provided by way of your ISP.

6 Click on "Save" settings. Your fundamental setup is complete. This process should be enough to set up your Vonage connection. See if you get the dial tone. If never, you may have to enter extra settings depending on your Internet bond and router. Check the user guide to troubleshoot on like cases.

Tips & Cautions

If you execute not have your user handbook, you may also download single to your router away from Vonage's website (see link under). See the installation section. Some list of compatible adapter's/router's with Vonage are available online. Find out the installation section. The setup process varies slightly depending on the router. Test your user manual to confirm the steps. Generate sure that your earlier phone line is absolutely isolated before you put in Vonage VoIP Previous to getting professional installation, explain if you take your Vonage to be connected to the PBX (Confidential Branch Exchange) or key systems. Vonage VoIP cannot be installed on phone lines, that boast security alarms and burglars with CCTV (Closed-Circuit Tv) watchs.

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