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Villaways is a small Toronto housing community in North York, Ontario located off of Leslie street, north of Sheppard Avenue East and south of Nymark Road. It is made up of four streets lined with 1970s built townhomes where backyards open up into communal spaces. The streets — Ocra, Grado, Tomar and Adra — all end with the suffix Villaway. At 20 Adra Villaway is a tiny community house used by a few agencies including Art Starts, an “art-based community development organization". The area has a high concentration of new immigrant families as well as young adult families of various backgrounds, with a higher ratio of children to adults. The neighbourhood was once regarded as a high crime area where robbery and violent was not an uncommon occurrence, but has since seen a reduction in such crimes as property damage and violent offences. Villaways makes up a section of the area known as 4 Corners.



Suspect Arrested in Robbery Investigation.