Winnipeg Homicides

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2010 Homicides

2010 count: 22

1. March 21 — A 59-year-old woman was killed in the Garden Towers apartment block on Jefferson Avenue. Police found her suffering from serious head trauma. Her 61-year-old husband was charged.

2. March 27 — Garth Isfeld, 44, died from injuries sustained during a fight at his daughter’s 18th birthday party at his North Kildonan home. Police said Isfeld, a father of five, was hit over the head with a beer bottle by a 23-year-old party-crasher. Darren James Hall, 23, was charged with manslaughter.

3. April 15 — Kelly Clay, 18, died following an altercation at the Nor-Villa Motor Hotel bar. The Grade 12 Kildonan Collegiate student was allegedly “sucker punched” in the head, then fell and hit his head on the tile dance floor. Former University of Manitoba Bisons football player, Jeremy Botelho, 23, was charged with manslaughter.

4. April 18 — Ricky Lathlin, 34, died in hospital, after he was stabbed with a machete at his Gilbert Park home in northwest Winnipeg. A female neighbour said the stabbing occurred outside during a drinking party, attended by other residents of the Manitoba Housing complex. Bradley Campbell, 31, Jonathan Boyer, 25 and Roland Klyne, 26, were charged with second-degree murder. James Henry, 38, and Terry Davis, 31, were charged with manslaughter. Ashlee May Hajer, 28, was charged with being an accessory to murder.

5. April 24 — Ronnie Kakegamic, 21, was stabbed to death in the North End. He was found by police at the intersection of Pritchard Avenue and Powers Street about 4 a.m. A 17-year-old boy is charged with second-degree murder.

6. April 27 — Catherine Gastador, 23, was found stabbed to death in her Wolseley condominium. Mario Ronquillo Valdez, 36, The victim’s uncle through adoption, was charged with second-degree murder.

7. May 11 — Jordan Dallas Shane McIvor, 19, was stabbed to death following an argument at an apartment in the 1500-block of Notre Dame Avenue. Family believes the suspect was interested in McIvor’s girlfriend, and was jealous of the pair’s relationship. Jody Joseph Lavallee, 27, was charged with second-degree murder.

8. May 25 — Kyle Earl, 16, was shot and killed after armed suspects sprayed his family’s West End home with bullets at 646 Toronto St. The unsolved slaying has suspected gang-ties.

9. July 4 — Darren Walsh, 24, was gunned down in broad daylight at a bus shelter in the 800-block of Main Street. Jheruel Mananghaya, 24, was charged with second-degree murder.

10. July 8 — Dylan Cody Ferland, 18, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on McKenzie Street in the city’s North End. Stephen Mitchell McKay, 32, William Evan Laporte, 21, and Dillon Douglas Lecoy, 18 were arrested on murder charges.

11. July 28 — Gary Rent, 33, was killed by single punch to the head outside Bar Italia on Corydon Avenue. Nicholas (Nick) Garrett Somers, 26, a Bar Italia bouncer was charged with manslaughter.

12. July 31 — Michael Allan, 62, was beaten and stabbed to death in his South Osborne home. Mary Ellen Thomas, 30, was charged with second-degree murder. Allan and the accused first met earlier that night.

13. Aug. 5 — Jennifer Paraton, 25, was killed with an edged weapon at her home in the Lord Shelley apartments at 36 Carlton St. Friend Maxwell Zavitz, who Paraton and her husband had taken in temporarily, has been charged with first-degree murder.

14. Aug. 7 — Nathan Kayseass, 24, was stabbed to death at a Manitoba Housing suite on Winnipeg Ave. in the city’s Weston neighbourhood about 5 a.m. The victim’s stepbrother, Sesar Edgardo Romero, 22, was charged with second-degree murder.

15. Aug. 12 — Ernest Desmarais, 40, died after he was assaulted by a man outside a McGee Street townhouse. No one was charged, because authorities believe his actions were justified in self-defence.

16. Aug. 27 — Derek Spence, 24, was beaten and stabbed in the 500-block of Manitoba Avenue just before 2 a.m. Leonard Leslie Murdock, 23, was charged with manslaughter.

17. Sept. 3 — Paige Chelsea Moloi-Straightnose, 18, was stabbed during an argument inside a William Avenue home. The victim’s sister, Nebula Niome Moloi-Straightnose, 21, was charged with manslaughter.

18. Sept. 10 — Gerald Dumas, 47, was knocked to the ground, doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire during a robbery in a back lane near his family’s Flora Avenue residence. He died more than two weeks later in hospital. Gaston Leroy Genaille, 19, was charged with second-degree murder.

19. Oct. 10 —Tiffany Johnston, 21, was shot at a residence in the 600-block of Selkirk Avenue around 4:20 a.m. Police say the mother of two was an innocent victim caught in a hail of bullets. No arrests have been made.

20. Oct. 23 — Thomas Beardy, 35, was shot at 8:40 p.m. Beardy was shot at the back door of 495 Dufferin Ave. where he was delivering meat to a friend.

21. Oct. 23 — Ian Layton MacDonald, 52, was shot at 9:15 p.m. He was killed after answering the door of a home at 486 Boyd Ave. where he lived with and cared for his uncle. A 13-year-old girl, Samantha Stevenson, was seriously wounded. No arrests have been made.

22. Nov. 1 — Daniel Benjamin Kachkan, 34, was found dead in his North Point Douglas home. The former gang member suffered what a street source said was an “execution-style” slaying. No arrests have been made.

2009 Homicides

2009 count: 29

1) Shawn Beauchamp, 26 -- shot near St. John's Avenue and Charles Street on Jan. 11. Joseph Burnell Head, 20, and an 18-year-old man, then 17, charged with second-degree murder.

2) Valerie Ann Paypompee, 36 -- stabbed in a Balmoral Street rooming house Jan. 18. Her 34-year-old boyfriend, Mulugeta Geddy Gillamichael, charged with second-degree murder.

3) Kelly Godfrey, 38 -- stabbed at a Bannerman Avenue duplex Jan. 20. His 26-year-old cousin, Darryl Lawrence Monkman, charged with second-degree murder but found not criminally responsible.

4) Alinda Meeri Lahteenmaki, 23 -- allegedly pushed out the window of an Assiniboine Avenue apartment Jan. 30. Her boyfriend, Mario Trunzo, 41, charged with second-degree murder.

5-6) Dennis Ray Baptiste, 23, and Jessie Edward Henderson, 23 -- their stabbed bodies were found in a Maryland Street home Jan. 31. No one charged.

7) Evaristo Caniuman, 60 -- died days after he was robbed and beaten at Sargent Avenue and Young Street on April 10. Joseph William McNabb, 27, charged with manslaughter.

8) Grady Monias, 36 -- stabbed at a Barber Street home May 1. Richard Thomas Poynting, 22, charged with second-degree murder.

9) Joseph Victor McLeod, 23 -- stabbed during a May 23 confrontation on Ross Avenue near Isabel Street. Two 14-year-old boys charged with second-degree murder.

10) Robert James Genereaux, 53 -- died of blunt force trauma in his Main Street rooming house suite May 24. Edward John Muckle, 30, charged with manslaughter.

11) Angela Holm, 16 -- fatally stabbed during an unprovoked attack at her uncle's Victor Street home May 25. Her step-cousin, Daniel Jesse James Munroe, 18, charged with second-degree murder.

12) Wayne Roger Michelle, 28 -- fatally shot on Manitoba Avenue on June 13. Jonathon Catcheway, 20, charged with second-degree murder.

13) Jaylene Sanderson Redhead, 21 months -- died June 29 of injuries consistent with abuse. Her mom, Nicole Redhead, 27, charged with second-degree murder.

14) Lillian Ann Green, 45 -- found beaten to death in an Evanson Street apartment June 30. Her boyfriend, Athan Kaz Courchaine, 30, charged with second-degree murder.

15) Joseph Hall, 24 -- stabbed in a random act near Aikins Street and Alfred Avenue on July 10. Randall Preston Bourassa, 21, James Michael McMahon, 21, Matthew Larocque, 18, and a 17-year-old boy charged with manslaughter.

16) Man, 49 -- police learn in July he was fatally beaten stabbed during an argument in his Charleswood home before his body was decapitated, dismembered and disposed of. Victim cannot be identified because his son, then 17, is charged with second-degree murder.

17) Cheryl Robert, 50 -- shot July 25 when someone opened fire at a wedding reception at a Main Street hall. No one charged.

18) Scott McGillivray, 26 -- shot Aug. 11 when he told two males behind his Flora Avenue home to scram. Two males, aged 15 and 18, charged with second-degree murder.

19) Michael Jok, 17 -- stabbed during a confrontation on Young Street on Sept. 6. Abiola Akintunde Matthews, 34, charged with second-degree murder.

20) Frank (Frankie) Green III (Jr.), 17 -- died of "body trauma" and was found dead in an Archibald Street cemetery Sept. 12. No one charged.

21) Ken Catcheway, 34 -- stabbed while doing renovations at a Gallagher Avenue home Sept. 30. No one charged.

22) Edward Denetchezhe, 60 -- beaten body found in his room at the St. Regis Hotel on Oct. 5. Paul Clemence Cawson, 31, and Oliver Newton John McCallum, 29, charged with second-degree murder.

23-24) Seven Yablonski, 23, and Robert Clark, 62 -- died in a deliberately set fire at Aquarius Men's Bath on Oct. 11. Justin James Rosdobutko, 25, charged with two counts of manslaughter.

25) Nolan Christian Norman, 19 -- stabbed and beaten during a fight on Victoria Avenue on Nov. 21. Jordan Allan Costello, 20, charged with second-degree murder.

26) Jessie Jules Pierre McKenzie, 17 -- stabbed Dec. 3 at a Main Street bus stop, allegedly by a male who was fighting with a woman nearby. No one charged.

27-28) Matthew Reynolds and Tyler (T.J.) Hawula, both 18 -- shot during a Dec. 5 house party on Martin Avenue West. Cody Ronald Delorme, 18, two 16-year-olds and a 17- year-old charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

29) Zdzislaw Andrzejczak, 47 -- killed when a speeding stolen vehicle blew a stop sign and crashed into his car at Alfred Avenue and Andrews Street on Dec. 11. Two males, aged 18 and 17, charged with manslaughter.

2008 Homicides

2008 count: 29

- Joanne Hoeppner, 28 -- eight months' pregnant, she was shot at the door of a Magnus Avenue home Jan. 2. Hospital staff were unable to save her unborn baby. No one charged.

- Terrance Wayne Tucker, 42 -- found shot Jan. 4 behind a Maryland Street home. No one charged.

- Timothy Hudson, 17 -- assaulted Jan. 11 in a Kennedy Street apartment block. Daniel Matthew Henderson, 19, and Bradley Elsliger, 20, charged with second-degree murder.

- Leonard Delorme, 45 -- the body of a stabbing victim found on the outdoor fire escape at the Garrick Hotel on March 17. Michael Thomas Kerr, 43, charged with second-degree murder.

- Kelvin John Osborne, 42 -- brother of Helen Betty Osborne beaten in a Broadway apartment March 26. Morris McConnell, 56, charged with second-degree murder.

- Scott Lavallee, 31, Jennifer Ward, 26, Corey Keeper, 22 -- shot during a party at an Alexander Avenue home March 29. Colton Richard Pachinose, 18, and a 15-year-old boy charged with three counts each of first-degree murder.

- Antonio Lanzellotti, 55 -- died March 29 when his taxi was hit by a stolen sport-utility vehicle at Portage Avenue and Maryland Street. The alleged SUV driver, a 14-year-old boy, charged with manslaughter.

- Ashley Fleury, 32 -- shot on College Avenue near McKenzie Street on April 14. No one charged.

- Shannon Scromeda, 25 -- beaten April 19 in her Manhattan Avenue home. Her 27-year-old common-law husband, Kevin Tyler Strong, charged with second-degree murder.

- Joel Labossiere, 34, and his pregnant wife Magdalena Labossiere, 33 -- shot to death April 20 in their Chokecherry Cove home. The victims had a young daughter together and Joel also had a son from a previous relationship. Kelly John Clarke, 38, charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

- Darcy Douglas Coutu, 34 -- killed May 10 in a drive-by shooting at the Winn City Pub on Pembina Highway. Garrett Alexander Gamble, 22, charged with first-degree murder.

- Paul William Cherewick, 30 -- found May 16 after he was beaten with a bat near Austin Street and Euclid Avenue. A 16-year-old boy charged with second-degree murder.

- Brian Castel, 37 -- stabbed May 25 at a Pacific Avenue home. A 17-year-old boy charged with second-degree murder.

- Kenneth Dunn, 19 -- died in a deliberately-set house fire at his uncle's Lorne Avenue home June 29. Suzanne Eckstein, 42, charged with manslaughter.

- Charles Reynold Flett, 36 -- stabbed July 6 at a Gladstone Street home. Roland Todd Williams, 38, charged with second-degree murder.

- Jacinto Eduardo Etcheverry -- murdered in his Wolseley apartment July 24 and put in a garbage bin. His body is believed to be at the Brady Road landfill. Cause of death unconfirmed. Jonathon Anders Muzychka, 31, charged with second-degree murder.

- Ronald Wayne Lacey, 49 -- beaten body found in the Red River on Aug. 3. No one charged.

- Tim Hollend Knudsen, 44 -- died after being assaulted Sept. 12 outside the Salvation Army's downtown Booth Centre. Cyril Robson Raven, 39, and Dean Jonathon Isbister, 32, charged with second-degree murder.

- John Ralph Watkins, 45 -- stabbed Sept. 21 at a Sherbrook Street rooming house. Gordon Norman Ross, 62, charged with second-degree murder.

- James Cruickshank, 44 -- found beaten in his Hargrave Street apartment Oct. 30. Daniel Conan Peterson, 29, charged with second-degree murder.

- Phillip Nhial Mayur, 39 -- stabbed Nov. 8 in a Balmoral Street rooming house. Kworo Akway Ojulu, 26, charged with first-degree murder. Ajullo Agwa, 42, charged with second-degree murder.

- Esther Harper, 55 -- stabbed Nov. 19 in a Ross Avenue suite. Mike Thomas, 53, charged with manslaughter.

- Justin Favel, 25 -- shot Nov. 20 on Ellen Street near Logan Avenue. No one charged.

- Mark Harreveld, 45 -- found beaten Dec. 13 in a Manitoba Housing complex on Smith Street. Ivan Malachi Anderson, 27, charged with second-degree murder.

- Lahai Konteh, 19 -- shot Dec. 21 near Home Street and St. Matthews Avenue after a fight at a nearby social hall. No one charged.

- Radford Wayne Seaton, 35 -- on Dec. 30 was found dead in an apartment stairwell at 200 Good St. Three men have been charged with second-degree murder. They are: Garvin Maurice Beardy, 27, of no fixed address; Kyle John Dennis Massan, 18, of Winnipeg; and Devon Vince Lee Massan, 21, of Winnipeg.

2007 Homicides

2007 count: 27

Chadwick Lund, 29 - stabbed outside a home on Alexander Avenue on Jan. 16. Ovide Moar, 30, charged with second degree murder.

Stuart Mark, 36 - beaten Jan. 17 inside his Alfred Avenue home. Michael Pearce, 39, charged with second degree murder.

Roxanne Fernando, 24 - beaten body found Feb. 27 near Mollard Avenue and Ritchie Street. Three people charged with first degree murder, including her 19 year old boyfriend. A 17 year old boy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years.

Douglas McCann, 45 - died after he was beaten at the Woodbine Hotel. Terrance Brightman, 37, and Steven Cheffins, 28, charged with second degree murder.

Greg Skead, 24 - stabbed March 9 in a Furby Street alley. Preston Tran, 22, charged with second degree murder.

John Lane, 25 - stabbed in his Hamilton Avenue apartment, March 17. Erik Cassan, 21, charged with second degree murder.

Thomas Phillips, 38 - shot while sitting in his vehicle on Magnus Avenue on March 26. Two boys, aged 16 and 15, charged with second degree murder.

Alexander Kolesnyk, 57 - stabbed at Madison Memorial Lodge on March 27. Police shot and killed the 61 year old suspect, Ahmed Saleh-Azed.

Erin Pawlowski, 35 - died April 22 after an assault at a Selkirk Avenue bus stop. Ashley McCallum, 31, David Pruden, 26, and Cory Scribe, 19, charged with second degree murder.

Earl Nepinak, 45 - died May 13 after he was beaten at Main Street and Jarvis Avenue. Unsolved.

Josh Prince, 19 - stabbed May 26 during a fight on Rothesay Street. A 16 year old boy is charged with second degree murder.

Alvin McDonald, 20 - shot outside a Pacific Avenue home on June 16. Thomas Halpin, 19, charged with second degree murder.

Aaron Nabess, 20 - shot July 12 outside a Magnus Avenue home. Cory Bushie, 20, charged with second degree murder.

Aynsley Kinch, 35 - body found July 15 in a field on Murray Avenue. Stanton Viner, 49, charged with second degree murder.

Gage Guimonde, 2 - died after being injured in his caregiver's Magnus Avenue home. Shirley Guimonde, his 52 year old great aunt, was charged with manslaughter.

Kristi Hall, 36 - stabbed July 27 at an apartment on Main Street and St. John's Avenue. Christine Swampy, 22, and two 15 year old girls charged with second degree murder.

Fonassa Bruyere, 17 - body found at Mollard Avenue and Ritchie Street on Aug. 30. Unsolved.

Kyle Boss, 21 - beaten Sept. 1 on Beverley Street. Three boys, aged 16, 15, 14, are charged with second degree murder.

Patrick Chief - shot Sept. 15 behind a Manitoba Avenue house. Unsolved.

Gregory Kipling, 33 - stabbed behind a Spence Street home on Sept. 15. Unsolved.

Anthony Woodhouse, 30 - shot Sept. 29 outside a Boyd Avenue home. Unsolved.

Lyle Walker, 35 - died Oct. 1 after an assault outside Club 200 on Garry Street. Jeffrey Bear, 31, charged with second degree murder.

Elliot Flett, 24 - stabbed and found inside a Pritchard Avenue home on Oct. 23. Unsolved.

Wendy Henry, 24 - found dead Oct. 24 inside an apartment on Dufferin Avenue. A 47 year old man is charged.

Delmar Young, 30 - stabbed outside a Gertie Street apartment Nov. 17. Kyle McKay, 21, charged with second degree murder.

Jeff Engen, 24 - stabbed Nov. 18 at The Empire Cabaret. Unsolved.

Nathan Starr, 14 - died December 4th in a purposely set house fire on Mountain Avenue. Riel Mitchell, 27, and a 16 year old boy charged with second degree murder.