AK Kannan

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During mid to late 90's, this gang had a bloody battle with it's rivals, the VVT, over territorial rights in the brown heroin trade. The ruthless battles were carried out in the streets of Toronto. Most notabily, the two assasination attempts on the leader of the AK Boyz; once on the DVP offramp and the other near his home in the Brimley and Lawrence area. Even though the vehicles were riddled with bullets, remarkably, he survived both attempts. Jothiravi Sittampalam, alleged leader of the AK Kannan and a sworn enemy of the Libiration Tigers of Tamil Eelam(aka. Tamil Tigers), was jailed for frauds and narcotic trafficking and still is incarcerated awaiting deportation for his gang affiliations. Police claim the 31-year-old started the AK Kannan gang in 1992 after arriving in Canada from Sri Lanka. His street name is "Kannan," meaning god, and his favorite weapon of choice was the AK-47, which gave the gang it's name.

In the fall of 2001, the Toronto police conducted "Project 1050" to outlaw the outfits. Thus resulting in arrest and deportation of its top members. Without having an active leader in place and the constant harrassment from the police/rcmp/immigration the other older members have moved on with their lives.

Today, the gangs' name is represented by several sub groups such us the "Ruff Riderz", "Silverspring Boyz" and etc..