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Aggro Berlin is a Berliner (Independent-) Music-Label, that publishes songs in the Rap-Area. The followinjg artists have a label deal: Sido, B-Tight, Fler, G-Hot, Harris and Tony D.



The label was started in 2001 by Specter, Spaiche and Halil. It is known for supporting artists with outstanding aggressive texts. Some songs and albums have been banned by the government. Most texte are provocative and are often called to be massive homophob and disrespective against females and glorificating violence.

However all accuses can't blur the success the artists have: Sidos Debütalbum "Maske" was sold 100.000 times within a few month and received Goldstatus. In September 2004 he received the Comet for the "Best Newcomer National". The label-sampler "Aggro Ansage Nr. 4" received Goldstatus after 6 month. The label-sampler "Aggro Ansage Nr. 5" received gold within 2 month and is the most successful record ever from Aggro Berlin.


The album "Neue Deutsche Welle" (german "New German Wave") from the artist Fler was critisized for glorificating racist material. The artists logo is a Reichsadler (Eagle used in the 3. Reich under Hitler) combining his alias Fler in Krakturschrift (german "Fracturetype"). Especially the line in the song "NDW 2005" where Fler says "Das ist Schwarz-Rot-Gold, hart und stolz" (german "This is Black-Red-Gold, hard and proud" referring to the colors of the german flag and a sentence that was teached to young boys in the 1930s that german boys are hard and proud) and the textline "Die Neue Deutsche Welle kommt, man sieht die Fahne am Himmel" (german "The New German Wave is coming, you can see the flag in the sky" probably referring to the massive flag-arrangements under Hitler).

The label however rejects all this accuses and says that none of their artists is a racist.


  • (Album) Die Sekte feat Royal TS - Back in Dissness (2001)
  • (Album) Die Sekte - Sintflows (2001)
  • (Album) A.i.d.S. - Das Mic und Ich (2001)
  • (Album) Royal TS - Alles ist die Sekte: Album Nr. 3 (2002)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 1 (2001)
  • (Album) Sonny Black & Frank White - Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten (2002)
  • (Album) B-Tight - Der Neger (in mir) (2002)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 2 (2002) (Indiziert seit 31. Mai 2005)
  • (Maxi) Bushido - Bei Nacht (2003)
  • (Album) A.i.d.S. - Gar nich so schlimm (2003)
  • (Album) Bushido - Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline (2003)(Indiziert seit 30.September 2005)
  • (Maxi) Bushido - Gemein wie 10 (2003)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 3 (2003) (Indiziert seit 31. Dezember 2004)
  • (Maxi) Sido - Mein Block (2004)
  • (Album) Sido - Maske (2004)(Indiziert seit 1.Oktober 2005)
  • (Maxi) Sido - Arschf*cksong (2004)
  • (Maxi) Sido - Fuffies im Club (2004)
  • (Maxi) Fler - AggroberlinA (2004)
  • (DVD) Aggro Ansage Nr.1 (2004)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 4 (2004)(Indiziert seit 30.September 2005)
  • (Maxi) Sido - Mama ist stolz (2005)
  • (Maxi) Sido - Mama ist stolz (Punkrock-Version) (2005)
  • (Maxi) Fler - NDW 2005 (2005)
  • (Album) Fler - Neue Deutsche Welle (2005)
  • (Mixtape) B-Tight & Tony D - Heisse Ware (2005)
  • (Maxi) Deine Lieblings Rapper - Steh wieder auf (2005)
  • (Album) Deine Lieblings Rapper - Dein Lieblings Album (2005)
  • (Maxi) Fler feat.G-Hot - Nach eigenen Regeln (2005)
  • (Album) Sido - Maske X (2005)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr.5 (02.12.2005)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr.5 Premium Edition (02.12.2005)
  • (Album) Fler - Neue Deutsche Welle X (2005)
  • (Mixtape) Fler 90210 (13.01.2006)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 2X (20.01.2006) (Zensierte Version von Aggro Ansage Nr. 2)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 3X (20.01.2006) (Zensierte Version von Aggro Ansage Nr. 3)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 4X (20.01.2006) (Zensierte Version von Aggro Ansage Nr. 4)
  • (Sampler) Aggro Ansage Nr. 6 (13.12.2006)