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Toronto, aka T.O., aka T-Dot, aka The Dot is a Canadian city on Lake Ontario. It is the largest city in Canada and 5th largest in North America (after Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago). The approximate metro area population of Toronto is 6 million.

Toronto is the economic headquarters of Canada, with the main business/financial district located on Bay Street downtown.

T.O. is short for Toronto, Ontario. But over time, hip-hop heads added their own style, and instead of just saying "T.O.," they'd say "T dot O dot." Then it just became T-Dot and it stuck!

Area codes


416 and 647 are the area codes for Toronto. 905 and 289 are the area codes for the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).


Etobicoke, York, North York, Old Toronto, East York and Scarborough.




400, 415, 3rd Lane, 4 Corners (Allenbury, Brahms, Sparroways and Villaways), 1021 Birchmount, 1284 Danforth Road, Alexandra Park, Ardwick, Bay Mills, Black Creek (aka Martha Projects), Blake Street, Blevins Place, B"N"E, Bransfield House, Cabbagetown, Capri Road, Capri Towers, Cataraqui (aka Block 13), Cedarbrae (aka C-Block), Chalk Farm, Chester Le, Connections, Cougar Ct., Crescent Town (aka C.T.), Crosstraxx, Crow Trail, C"S"F, Danzig aka D-Block, Dawes Road, Dean Park, Dixon, Don Mills, Don Mount Court, Dorney Court, Driftwood, Duncan Mills, Duncanwoods, Eglinton & Kennedy, Eglinton West, Empringham, Esplanade, Estherbrooke, Falstaff (aka Brown Bricks), Finch, Flemingdon Park (aka Flemo Park, aka Flemo), Flemington Park (aka Jungle, aka Lawrence Heights), Forest Creek Pathway, Galloway (aka G-Way), Gerrard Street, Gilder, Glamorgan (aka Section 6), Glendower, Goldfinch, Gordonridge (aka G-Ridge), Grandravine, Grange Park, Grasswoods, Greenbrae Ct., G.S.W., Havenbrook, Humberline, Humberview, Hunter's, Jamestown (aka Doomstown), the notorious Jane & Finch Corridor, Jr.ByrdGang, Kimroy Grove (aka K.G.), Kipling, Lumsden, Mabelle, Malton, Malvern (aka Vern), Manse & Cornation, Markham & Eglinton (aka M&E), McClain Park, McCowen & 401, McCowan Place, McCowen & Sheppard (aka M.S. Blocks), MnL, Mornelle Court, Morningside, Moss Park, Mount Olive, Northside, Orpington, Orton Park (aka O.P.), Oakwood & Vaughn, Pape Avenue Apartments, Pape & Cosburn (aka G.C.G.), Pape & Gerrard, Paradice Projects, Parkdale, Parkwoods, Parma Court, Pelham Park, Pharmacy Avenue (aka P3), Regent Park, Rexdale (aka Rex), Rexleigh Homes, Riverside, Riverview Apartments, Roach Court, RoseBank, Rowntree, Roywoods, San Marino, SanPetroway, Scarlettville (aka Scarville), Shoreham (aka Shoreshot), Silverstone, St. James Town, Stovetop (aka Stove Topz), Tandridge, Teesdale, The Basketweave, The Buckingham (aka Buckham Massive, aka Buckham), The Pitts, Thorncliffe Park, Touchstone, TretheWey, Trudelle Street, Tuxedo Court,Victoria Park (aka Vic Park, aka V.P., aka L.O.C.), Warden South, Weston-Lawrence, Weston Towers, White Blocks, Willowridge, Y-Block etc.

Regent Park, Jungle City throw your hands up. Rexdale, Jane & Finch serious as cancer -- Saukrates




1st Word, 4th Pyramid, 5 Deuce, 5 Deutsche, 7Bills Ent., 20 B-Lo, 40 B-Lo, 45Chromes, 52 Pick Up Ent., Abdominal, Absent Minded, Ace, Adversaree, Afficial Nast, African Kidd, Alias Donmillion, Al' Sham, Angel Duss, Anonymous Twist, Arabesque, Arcane, Arcee, Aristo, Arsenal, A-Rush, Asia, Assasini, A. Team, B.90, Baby Blue Sound Crew, Babylon Point, Basement Theory, Belladonna, Big Mo, Big Zeek, Bishop Brigante, B Kool, Black-I, Blak Jack, Blits, Blue Scorpion, Bomb Shelta Association, Boom, BoroBasicz, Branded Black, Brass Tacks, Brassmunk, Bush Life, C. Leon, Califate, Cale Sampson, Casey Jonez, Charisma, Cause, Chief Rock, Choclair, Chrome, Chuggo, Citizen Kane, Clas, Climax, Code Red, Collizhun, Coloss Da 8th Wonder, Colossus, Concrete Mob, Conflict, Conshus Phenom, Contraversy, Corporation, Crazy Craze, Crooks Of Da Round Table, Cryptonite, D, Daetona, Da Vinci, D.O., Dolo, D.U.N Deal, D-Sisive, Dak Squad, Dan-e-o, Darryl Zero, DeadEyez, Deep Pockets, Derrick Wise, Deuce Deuce, Deviance, Diablo, Diamond X, Die-Rek, Die-Verse, Diemen X, Divine LyricistZ Krew, Divo, Dizzy Dot, DJ Complex, DJ Keen aka SubVerse, DnD, Do Dirty, Dope Poet Society, Down 2 Erf, Dragon Slayer, Dre Diamond, Dream Warriors, Dub-Ill, Efem, Eighth Wonder, epideMIC, Equinox 911, Erldotcom, Essex Court, Eternia, E.T.P., Exodus, Explisit, Eye-Eye, Fat Ski, Fatal Phonetics, Field Delegates, Figures Of Speech, Fin-S, Fortunato, Frankenstein, Friday, Furee, Garfield aka Moses Thievery, G.C.C., G.C.P, Gemini Doc, General 2-Smooth, Genetix, Ghetto Concept, Ghost Crew, G-Knight, Godd Boddies, Godzilla, Gold Spade, Golding, GQ, Graphidi Logik, Grassroots, G-Ride, Grimace Love, Grips, Gullitine, Hood Gang, Huna Koem, Hustlemen, Hypothesis, Iceburg, Ill Phenom, Ill Seer, Illegal Justice, Imperial, Infinite, Insyte, I.N.T, Intoximental, Intrepid Stylez, Introspect, Ironside, Irs, I.T.P., Jabbee, Jackal, Jair Dynast, Jaki-Li, J.B, Jelleestone, Jga-Boo Da Ignant, J-Pockets, J-Staxxx, Juganot, Juice aka Rochester, Julez, Kalifa, Kamau, Kardinal Offishall, Kastapolix, K.C. Thomas, Keinaan, Keizo, Ken Masters, Kendo, Kidd, Kijaro, King Solomon, Kish, K-Note, K-OS, kRiTiKaL, Kwajo, Latte D. Kyd, Legendary Legend, Lethal, Live Motivatorz, Lokz, Lo Kreepaz, Locksmith, Logical Ethix, Loose Cannon, Louwop, Lucid, L. Vision, Lyrical Bliss, M-3, MadFace, Mad Fam, Madlocks, M.A.D. Statement, M.A.G.I.C., Maestro, Max Baker, M-FaM, Malik Monarch, Malik Shahid, Manafest, Marvel, Marz Apocalypse, Masia One, Masters, Mathematik, Mayhem Mauriorti, Merks, Michie Mee, Mikey B, Mikey G, Mindbender, Mission 5, Mission Holliday, Mista Bourne, MistaCronks, Mizza, Monolith, Motion, Mr. Feury, Mr. Flowas, Mr. Muggz, Mr. Roam, MZA, Nas-T Howie, Neural Chaos, Nefarius, NEM-S-SIS, Ngajuana, Niambi, NightHood, Nish Rawks, Non-Equation, Oddities, Overproof, Paper Boy, Paranormals, Payback, Peep Sho, Phatt Al, Phili Blunt, Poetikal, Point Blank, Points of Pressha, Poison Da Illgotten Skill, Poison Pen, Poizunus Mynd, Precint, Precise, Prince Ali, PRiNE, Jason, Promise, Pryhme Suspek, Prynce, Q-Bot, Red Rum, Redlife, Remmy Rezz, Rex Ent., Rhyme Persuasion, Rhythmicru, Rich Kidd, Rich London, Rob Blye, Rocstone, Rolo, Romo, Ron D, Ro-Ro Dolla, Royalty Squad, Rubix, Samuel Bonz, Saukrates, S.A.R.S, Savo, Scam, Scandal, Scandalous, Scarbrothaz, Schism, Scrappy, Scrilla, SeeZa, SessSquad, Shad, Sha Hustle, Shakari Nite, Shang-Hi, Sharky the Great, Shaymlyss, Shotgun, Show, Shug, Sickkidz Studio, Sic Sense, Silence, Sinsear, Six Pac, Sin, Skard1, Skelitor, Sketch D.V.S, skittles, Skitz, Slakah The Beat Child, Smoke Da Hidden MC, S-N-S (Steel Squadron), Solitaire, Soul Dwellas, Spanky, SpotLight, S-Rocc, ST8OFMIND, Steady Mayhem, Steel Squadron, STK, Streets Elite, Street Kids, Stretch Diesel, Stump, Sublime Rhyme, Suni Clay, Swave Sevah, Swift, Switch, Symbolik, Syndrome, Syntifik, Taboo, Talk Sense, Tara Chase, T-Bone, Tek, Tek Man, Tekniq, Teknish, ThaProblaM, Tha Smuggalz, The Anonymous, The Armada, The Civilizer, The Corps, The Prezident, Theory, The Rhyme Giant, The WhytHouse, Thighmastas, Thrust, Thug Pretty, T-MindZ, T.O.A., Toba Chung, Tony Blair, T.R.A., Trauma Unit, Trench, Trigga, Triznain, Trouble, Tru-Paz, Trust, UBAD, Unit 7, Unit-e, Unknown Misery, Vandal, Vangel & Dorc, Venom, Verbal Sweetness, Vocastic, White Fang, Whosan, Wio-K, Wise Boyz Noize, Y-Look, Youngin, Young Tony, Zeek Da Chronic Freek, Zero Tolerance etc.


This is a CBC news documentary about a Jane & Finch rap duo called Tha Smugglaz. It was aired across Canada on CBC's The National news program. The documentary features Speng and Stick-up in an in-depth feature story about gangster rap and living in the Jane & Finch ghetto of Toronto.

Rapper Blits spits a freestyle from the Parma Court projects in Toronto.


Every summer, Toronto blazes with the excitement of calypso, steel pan and elaborate masquerade costumes during the annual Caribana Festival.

Caribana, celebrating its 38th anniversary in 2005, is the largest Caribbean festival in North America. Presented by the Caribbean Cultural Committee, the two-week Festival attracts over a million participants annually, including hundreds of thousands of American tourists (NBA star Shaq comes every year).

Among the highlights is the Caribana Parade, one of the largest in North America. Thousands of brilliantly costumed masqueraders and dozens of trucks carrying live soca, calypso, steel pan, reggae and salsa artists jam the 1.5 km parade route all day, to the delight of hundreds of thousands of onlookers.

Other keynote events include the King and Queen of the Bands Competition and the two-day Olympic Island Caribbean Arts Festival. Outdoor concerts of Caribbean music, calypso harbour cruise parties and glamourous dances round out the entertainment roster.

Caribana was created in 1967 as a community heritage project for Canada's Centennial year. Based on Trinidad Carnival, the Festival now also includes the music, dance, food and costumes of Jamaica, Guyana, the Bahamas, Brazil and other cultures represented in Toronto - the world's most culturally diverse city.

For more Caribana info, check out or (official site).

I used to think it was way too cold, 'til I went to Canada and saw some beautiful hoes / now I hit the Caribana every year in Toronto -- Ludacris (Pimpin' All Over The World)

Major sports teams

The Toronto Argonauts (CFL), the Toronto Blue Jays (first MLB team from outside the United States to win the World Series), the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), the Toronto Raptors (currently the only NBA team based outside the United States) and the Toronto Rock (NLL).


The Air Canada Centre (home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Raptors, and the Toronto Rock. It was originally built to replace the legendary Maple Leaf Gardens), the CN Tower (world's tallest free-standing structure and most famous landmark in Toronto), the Eaton Centre (one of the largest shopping malls in the world, and one of Toronto's most popular tourist attractions, with about 25% of the Eaton Centre's visitors being tourists), the Skydome (world's first sporting arena to feature a fully retractable roof. It is currently home to the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Argonauts and is now known as the Rogers Centre. It sits directly beside the CN Tower near the shores of Lake Ontario, and has the world's largest Jumbotron scoreboard).

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