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noun 1153927168652_Mountiefuneral3.jpg -some canadian bitch who tried to bang da ones with america and got fucked up

Canada=Americas Bitch

America Fuck Yeah

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A tribute to America's Greatness

World Domination

.Name one canadian company that went global... none .Who is the richest country in the world? USA .Who saved yo ass from da NAZIs... USA, yall bitches woulda just taken it up da ass again, like england all over again .We even got da one half ass part of land north of da border, ALASKA and compared to the rest of USA it sux .WE even got niagra falls from yall fags


Toronto would fuck up Boston no doubt. 31st largest city in the world hoods like u wouldnt imagine come walking thourgh dem n u get murda u obviously dont know shit. U fuking american loving war mongering pussy.

Murkle Man Association

Yall r just waitin for dis sick nigga 2 come to yo country to make it better.


Classicz North side

The Real Toronto DVD

idiot toronto will fuk yer merican as u goof 48th biggest city in the world its old dirty east coast get ur fukin ass shot


Its a pussy country

no wonder this is what their army looks like - bitch ass mounties we stopped usin horses in like da 1800's bitch but yall fools still do Mountie.jpg Dave_Mountie_small.jpg mountie.gif royal_mountie_hayesi.jpg


What did u do. Nuting

Air Time? Fuk MTV u faggot. All about the streets. Stick Up Kid Crazy Crip shot 15 time N still walking! Bennny Bloc Saukrates Kardinal OFFishal Ghetto Concept Tha Smugglaz


Team America World Police

Major sports teams

We enjoy sucking Hockey's dick

Curlings cool to---if you enjoy cock blocks

"Good shot, you can be center" Canadian bitch from the simpsons


a polar bear that ate our entire army before dying from herpes