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noun 1153927168652_Mountiefuneral3.jpg -some canadian bitch who tried to bang da ones with america and got fucked up

Canada=Americas Bitch

Regent Park

What do u kno about queensbridge nothing u never spent time there so stop reppin that shit u dun kno. Toronto would rape boston n throw its bloody corpse down the body dispostle. West Roxbury dont run shit. Like to see u walking through the Jane N Finch Corridor u wont come out unscathed. Same with Regent Park. N all the 400 housing project in T.Dot@!

World Domination

Do really care so much about globalization? BTW we have many companies that went global u tard. Toronto Stock exchange (TSX) eight wealthiest and largest in the world. Fuck World Domination, FUCK AMERICA!

FUCK AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!


What do u kno about hoods, u prolly never spent N E time. U rep West Roxbury yet u come from the upper clas gated of communities that dont know shit. THink ur tough? Come walk through:

Jane and Finch (over 100,000 of the grimiest people from all over the globe speak over 80 languages most ethnically diverse spot in the world been struggling through gang wars for decades) Regent Park ( grimey housin projects high rise and low latcated downtown, grimey castaways from round the world) Cresent Town Teesdale Black St MNL Black Creek Drive Cataraqui Thorncliff Flemingdon Park Parkdale St. Jamestown Chester Le Chalkfarm Parma Scarletville Orpington Grassways Albion Steeles List fucking goes on forever

Murkle Man Association

Yall r just waitin for dis sick nigga 2 come to yo country to make it better. MMA for Life.


Ardwick Bloods Jamestown Crips

The Real Toronto DVD

Amateur video of young thugs trying to rep themselves in hoods across toronto. Most of em aren't gangstas tha real gangstas of Toronto arent on film!


Its a pussy country

no wonder this is what their army looks like - bitch ass mounties we stopped usin horses in like da 1800's bitch but yall fools still do Mountie.jpg Dave_Mountie_small.jpg mountie.gif royal_mountie_hayesi.jpg


America rebelled against England after they started being bitches, but Cnada just bent over and kept takin it up the ass. The bitches backed england. Canada is still Englands bitch but is americas even more. Canadian economy= suck. Its best exports are maple syrup and whale blubber. How much is a canadian quarter worth.. 0/ Theres so much inflation bcuz the economys so weak. You know when it gives prices in usa dollars and canada dollars. USA is always less and on top. Another xexample of America dominating the continent.


B-MAC Dominnizzle Big Spic CDOG Mark Raisman

Name 1 canadian rapper who actually gets airtime... Cant can ya. Its because theres nothin to rap about in such a soft ass country. Yall try to rap about whale blubber and hockey and shit except even yo own people knew dat shit sucks kinda lik your whole country.

Thats wuts good kid. How can you expect Canadians to be good at rappin when they speak such bullshit english EH?


Team America World Police

Major sports teams

We enjoy sucking Hockey's dick

Curlings cool to---if you enjoy cock blocks

"Good shot, you can be center" Canadian bitch from the simpsons


a polar bear that ate our entire army before dying from herpes