Birch cliff heights

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Heightz made da newz last night..copz,task force and shit on the streetz on locked last night from like 5 ppl in the area and they got arrested for some shit.Heightz makez that loot and dont start beef.but if u bring war they gonna bring war cuz they got dem TOOLIEZ.Yeah u cna check up on da newz tonight on channel 24 watch dat shit today or go on the city pulse site ur some shit.We located in Birchmount and Danforth area.We only got 2 corneer storez on da block there was 3 till ppl robbed it and shit and it hasn't been open for over 5 yearz they mothafucker jsut left the store.

yo guy all de people from heights think ur so big bcuz a store hasnt been open for 5 years...datz not in heights b. its in b13 area...