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The story of Freshy Aziz started when he was about 14 years old. After a long struggle in the ghetto of Jane and Finch; one of Canada’s most notorious hoods, Freshy realized that it was time for something new to big up his name and his people. Through the times he noticed that most of the brown people never really had people out there in the business to represent the South Asian and West Indian race.
His first song, “I Remember” was a poorly recorded song done in his own room with a Dollerama microphone and a few computer programs. Though the song had some meaningful lyrics, he still got a few snickers and an occasional, “What are you trying to do?” But that didn’t stop him on his way to the top. A few tracks later, Freshy Aziz had a fan base of about 10 or 15. At the same point in his life, Freshy was also struggling in many areas including in his academic and “hood” life. This is when he really started to get into the rap scene when he launched the single, “BTC Flute”, which was a track about the BTC and how many “Browns” out there would do their thing and other would just front.
After a few months, Freshy’s daily hits on his music site went from 0 to about approx. 150 a day, thanks to the Jane-Finch.com website. Freshy had partnered up with Paul Nguyen, the webmaster of the site to introduce Freshy on the internet phase where his hits grew to even more after the series of TV serials about Jane-Finch.com and the area. Like many rappers from Jane and Finch, Freshy Aziz eventually achieved what he wanted in the community and in the cultural community; to be recognized and to represent.
“Its just amazing how I started a few years ago with some cheap a-- mic from the dollar store and now people ask me for my songs and stuff from the block and school”, says Freshy with a light smile.
Stay tuned for the “Freshy Aziz” Album coming soon on Sept. 21st 2005!!!

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