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By late 1971 the Avalon Garden and the Inglewood [[Crips]] had joined forces with the other sets and began to engage in warfare with oposing sets. They began to expand to non-[[Crip]] gang territories controlled by gangs including The L.A. Brims, a powerful street gang, beginning in 1969 on the Westside. The [[Crips]] targeted these gangs because they were not [[Crips]], which made them a main target for [[Crips]] sets to attack. Several gangs eventually became part of the [[Bloods]] family, including the Bishops and Athens Park boys. The Denver Lanes also had conflicts with the [[Crips]], but were outnumbered and eventually became unknown in California for some time. The Piru Street Boys who presented a powerful force in Compton, actually collaborated with the [[Crips]] prior to 1972, as the Crips had affected the Piru neighborhoods. For a short time the Pirus were known as the Piru Street [[Crips]], and they also wore the traditional blue rags (bandana) and blue Chucks (sneakers) as part of their attire.
During the summer of 1972 the [[Crips]] and the Pirus had a conflict and warfare ensued. The Pirus, like other northern gangs, were outnumbered and the [[Crips]] prevailed. The Pirus wanted to terminate peaceful relations with the [[Crips]], so they turned to the Lueders Park Hustlers for assistance. The Lueders Park Hustlers agreed and a meeting was called on Piru Street. The Pirus also invited every gang targeted by [[Crips]] sets to join the meeting. The Crips had murdered an L.A. Brim member earlier that year, so the Brims attended the meeting, as well. Others that attended were the Denver Lanes and the Bishops.
At the meeting, the groups discussed how to combat [[Crips]] intimidation, along with the creation of a new alliance to counter the [[Crips]]. At that time the color of bandanas was not important, but since the [[Crips]] were known to wear blue bandanas, the Pirus and the other groups decided to discontinue the wearing of blue bandanas. They decided to take on the wearing of an opposite color, red, and created a united organization which later became known as the [[Bloods]]. The Pirus, Brims, Athens Park Boys, and Pueblos decided to unite with the [[Bloods]], and soon after, other gangs who had been threatened or attacked by [[Crips]] joined the [[Bloods]].
Known [[Bloods]] set originating from the Greater Los Angles Area include:
135 Piru
Athens Park Piru
Avenue Piru Gang
Be-Bopp Watts Bishops
Black P Stones-City
Black P Stones-Jungles
Blood Stone Pirus
Blood Stone Villians
Bounty Hunters
Campenella Park Piru
Cedar Block Piru
Center Park Blood
Center View Piru
Centinela Park Family
Circle City Piru
Crenshaw Mafia Gang
Denver Lane Bloods
Fruit Town Brims
Inglewood Family Gang
Leuders Park Piru
Lime Hood Piru
Mad Swan Blood
Miller Gangster Bloods
Mob Piru
Neighbor Hood Pirus
Neighborhood Pirus 145
Rollin 20s NeighborHood Blood
Tree Top Piru
Van Ness Gangster
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