Boys in blue

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boys in blue

  1. The police, wearing blue uniforms.

So who am I supposed to look up to? **** on the corner, or the boys in blue. Now I had two choices, what could I be? Down with, runnin' with the pigs or the G's -- Cypress Hill (The Last Assassin) [1], Oh yeah, you got sixty-five niggaz on your team and they're not from Southside Jamaica, Queens. They're the boys in blue, and I'm just speaking the truth -- Fat Joe (Fuck 50) [2] "Yeah, that's what we's about to do Take yo' ass on a mission with the boys in blue" -- Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg (Deep Cover) [3] a nigga dyin' tonight,and I'm always runnin' from the boys in blue -- Layzie Bone

  1. Gang members of the Crips, wearing blue.