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Brampton, Ontario, Canada

The Western Suburbs. Brampton, aka B-Town, is known to be a peaceful city such as Mississauga, Oakville, Pickering etc. But according to the Peel Region, some areas in Brampton are on their way to "a state of distress." WHAT? DONT EVEN TRIP, i see the kennedy strip maybe, and knightsbridge buh dats it

BRAMPTON IS SOFT BLOCKS.....even tho its harder den sauga its styll SOFT.....LOL SUBURBS BEEF

            Knightsbridge is not a suburb buddy


brampton ain soft nigga. its dat u barely hear shit about it.. cuz niggas ain on some dumb tips.. i mean it aint hard etheir buh yo deres some greezy niggas.. buh overall brampton aint soft or hard... its just on some other shit..

Kennedy Strip, BuccTown(shoppaz), dats all i kno of dat r doin it styll... Holla

how is Knightsbridge not on dat list buddy

Brampton aint soft...there are soft areas in Brampton, but thers soft areas in Toronto too....anywhere where theres pure white mans is gunna be soft but B-Town aint pure white mans in most hoods...its mostly immigrants that come from other countries or come from other countries to T-Dot adn then to can u call Brampton soft when almost everyone in Brampton is from Toronto?...shout out Kennedy Strip, Springdale, Knightsbridge, Flowertown, BuccTown, and any place in B-Town doing ther thing

Brmapton is shitty, everyone only wants to be frum toronto, or they juss lived there when they were like 3 yrs. old and they're mom told them and they went to school the next day reppin toronto. especially Bramlea City Centre, i fully went they're blued out and i seen nuffff Brampton Bloods eyeing down mon dem, buh i soon as they seen me get off da Finch Station bus dey turned weyy.murmuring shit as soon as i walked past them, they juss look gangsta thats about it. And they roll it NUFF PSP's and tings, i'm sayin if you need 2 jack up sum ipods and w/e reech dere B

nah boss yu aint gunna reach down here and rob aint gettn away witt it