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Bushido (* 28. September 1978), also known under its alias Sonny Black, is a hardcore rapper from Berlin, West-Germany, whos style has its origin in the american gangster-rap. His real name is Anis Mohammed Yussuf Ferchichi.

Live and Career

The artist name "Bushido" is japanese and means "Way of the Warrior". Bushido was raised by his mother. He never met his tunesian father. Bushido raised in Berlin-Tempelhof and went to the "Gymnasium" (german "Grammar School", the highest school form) which he quit without his Abitur (german "A-Level", right to study on University). He started his drug-career.

He first came to rap trough Graffiti where he bombed walls under his alias "Fuchs" (german "Fox") in several clicks. His friend Vader(-licious) from DMK (Dark MIngz Klique) introducted him to rap. Together with King Orgasmus the three recorded a tape under the name "030" which is the Phone-Numer for Berlin. Bushidos first commercial appeareance was on the Frauenarzt-Tape with King Orgasmus for I Luv Money Records in 2002. Short time later he published his self-made debüt "King of Kingz".

German Rap is based on a monarchy view of things. Everything is a Kingdom and the best rappers are Kings. There are currenty three Kings: Kool Savas, Azad and Bushido himself.

However at that time, nobody knowed him, but his raps where extraordinary good. He knew that thus he named his record "King of Kingz". He said "there can be 2 Kings, one for Berlin (Kool Savas) and one for Frankfurt (Azad). Whatever. I shit on 'em. I'm the King. There is noone despite me. Fuck it. I'm the King of Kings."

This record was his way up. He was signed by Aggro Berlin which released this tape. He then made is well known record "Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten" (german, "Carlo, Cocain, Hoes" a german gangster lifestyle) and "Vom Bordstein bis zu Skyline" (german, "From Pavement to the Skyline") which gained him fame nationwide. His albums however became all banned by the government because of racist terms and disrespect against minorities and females.

In 2004 he quit Aggro Berlin and started his own Label Ersguterjunge (german "First best boy", a term which was used in the 1930ies). He recored Albums and released them every 6 month. Including "Electroghetto", "Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten 2" and "Staatsfeind Nr 1" ( german "State enemy No. 1"). He was officially accused for making racist material and disrespect of minorities and females public and enjoyable. However, this could not stop him from gaining success and fame. All his Albums gained Top-3 Chart placements. He was the first german Rapper to have two Albums in TOP-10 Charts placement.


Bushido is know as glorificating patriotic gangster life to the fullest. Nevertheless, this is not because he is lazy. He is a smart and intelligent boy. He is accused for for making racist material and disrespect of minorities and females public and enjoyable. And on the other hand he is the one that made the most beautiful love-songs that gained TOP-3 Chart placement.

Whereas his songs with top female r&b singer Cassandra Steen are heared by millions on christmas eve, he is the one that made the first rap songs to be banned by the goverment and placed on the nazi-index.

When couples might listen to the following love songs:

  • Augenblick (german "Snatch", he sings about loosing his wife in hospital)
  • Schmetterlinge (german "Butterfly")
  • Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt (german "Hope dies at last")
  • Wet'n'Dirty
  • Wie ein Engel (german "Like an angel")
  • Sternenstaub (german "Stardust")
  • Engel (german "Angel")

He also published banned songy like:

  • Gangbang
  • Nutte bounce (german "Hoe bounce")
  • Dreckstück (german "Slut")
  • Gemein wie 10 (german "Nasty like 10" a song against black rap)
  • Vaterland (german "Fatherland")
  • Pussy
  • Kalter Krieg (german "Cold War")

Real life

Bushido was accused by other Rappers like Raptile (the US rapper) to sell a lifestyle he never lived. Media like CNN covered that this is not true. In August 2005 he was sentenced to jail in Austria for killing someone with his bodyguards because that person damaged the tires of his BMW 7. The austrian judge gave him the option to pay 100.000 Euro ( 150.000 Dollar ) to get out of jail. the highest amount possible by law because he thought Bushido could not afford that.

Bushido payed the 100.00 Euro immediately privately. His Label Universal wanted to pay it for him but he denied. He said, "What do they think I am? A clown? I got rich with rap within 3 years. I can afford everything. I'm currently on the sunny side of live. And I wont let that be taken away from a judge nor the law. See, I'm even richer than the law thought someone would be."


  • 1999: Demotape (Not distributed)
  • 2001: King of KingZ (Indexed since June 2005)
  • 2002: Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten, as Sonny Black with Fler aka Frank White (Soon to be indexed)
  • 2003: King Of KingZ [Digital Remastered Version] (Indexed since June 2005)
  • 2003: Demotape 1999 (First limited distribution, just 300 examples)
  • 2003: Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline (Indexed since September 2005)
  • 2004: King of KingZ 2004 Edition (Indexed since June 2005)
  • 2004: Electro Ghetto (Soon to be indexed)
  • 2005: Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 2, als Sonny Black mit Saad (Soon to be indexed)
  • 2005: King of KingZ & Demotape- extended version (non-explicit version)
  • 2005: Staatsfeind Nr. 1
  • 2005: Electro Ghetto (Limited Pur Edition) (18. November 2005) (non-explicit with 5 Remixes)

Singles und other distributions

  • 2003: Bei Nacht
  • 2003: Gemein wie 10
  • 2004: Nie wieder (Free track für www.Clubbers-Guide.cc später auf Electro Ghetto und als Single)
  • 2004: Mitten ins Gesicht (Promotrack im Electro Ghetto Player)
  • 2004: Electro Ghetto
  • 2004: Nie wieder
  • 2005: Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt (gemeinsam mit Cassandra Steen)
  • 2005: FLERräter (Freetrack mit Eko Fresh)(Fler Diss)
  • 2005: Nie ein Rapper (feat. Saad)
  • 2005: Worldwide (Strapt & Bushido)
  • 2005: Endgegner / Staatsfeind Nr.1