Busta Rhymes

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Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes was born Trevor Taheim Smith, Jr. on May 20, 1972. He is signed to Aftermath Entertainment.

Busta Rhymes' discovered his name when a mane came to him in his sleep and supposedly said "man, you can busta rhyme" whereas in actual fact, a guy on the street said that busta "couldn't busta rhyme if his grandmother taught him how to". it was later found that this man is known as "Old Daddy" and has slept with 15,000 women including busta's Grandmother! Poor Busta!


  • The Coming [1996]
  • When Disaster Strikes [1997]
  • Flipmode Squad - The Imperial [1998]
  • Extinction Level Event [1998]
  • Anarchy [2000]
  • Genesis [2001]
  • It Ain't Safe No More [2002]