CV Crips

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A crip set from the Clareview neighborhood of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Also called CvC.This gang often is idified by the color Blue and white.there belived to be one of the largest gangs in Clareview. Membership belived to be ranging from 50-100 members. there turf is the Clarview area belvedere and the Hermatage area. there also has been sporadic movment in South Edmonton of this set. CvC is often made up of black males ranging from 15-26yr it also has a growing kurdish and white membership. Edmonton police cosider this gang a threat due to its extreamly large membership and viloent acts towards rival gang members. there rivals would be Inner city and king pin bloods. there allies 135th Crips C.v Jamaican Mafia crips and there also allied with the edmonton king vice lords they are now seen hanging around with Rollng 40's crips another notorious gang which hails out of north Edmonton