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Coxwell standup!! D.A. all day eryday u know what it is smiff in this bitch
oh please.
COASTWORTH PUSSYS COWELL IS SOFT NUTTIN GANGSTA BOUT COXWELL SHITS STRAIGHT PUSSY- coatsworth can suk my dick, chall aint hood side da old folks home cheeaa
Coxwell is sooooo mutha fuckin' soft as baby wipes and a bitches fat ass, FUCK Jay Smith, Smalls, Stacy, Nilly, your all a bunch of wiggers who pose as crips C'S dOwN ESLANADE Up in here if u want beef jus say the worddd
haha yo tha comment above is speakin the truth, they goo runnin round coxwell in der blu bandanas but they just pussys. Think they big cause they roll in e's fuk that shit was back in tha day when they was pickin cig butts off tha ground. Dun kno how we roll coke up in dis biatch dun kno shit bout tha real heardcore fiends.
isnt coxwell a beach wer white women walk ther dogs in da morinin??-yes it is
yhea man thats what i thought, the beach with the long wooden sidewalk where white people alk their dogs in da mornin.....the only thing i saw ther was on the heat wave (tuesday) where 2 gangs (one russian and the other italian) started fighting becouse of a push in da line.....rusians got FUCKKKKKKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD-shut the fuk up u tard u dun kno shit
... Pfft! only in east york ...
Ha HA HA HA yall iz halarious wut else left 2 say- east york, run down ur shit Thornclif, Blake St, hustlin G-Wood. Fuck yall

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oh please.