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*[[11 Deuce Hoover Criminal]]
*[[11 Deuce Hoover Criminal]]
==Crip Alliance Colors==
Navy Blue
Baby Blue
==Disses To Rivals==
==Disses To Rivals==

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The Crip Alliance is an alliance that started in Los Angeles Cali in the 1960's. The founders of this Alliance are Raymond Lee Washington & Stanley ''Tookie'' Williams. There are several gangs under the Crip Alliance but their main gang is the Crips(the gang), . Gangs under this alliance wear the color blue, however some gangs witin the alliance wear secondary colors for example the Surenos wear the colors blue & brown, Hoover Criminals wear the colors blue & orange, the Eighteen Street Gang wear the colors blue & tan, and Mara Salvatrucha wear the colors blue & white. The Crip Allaiance war with gangs under the Blood Alliance such as the Bloods(the gang), Pirus, Brims, Nortenos & Black P. Stones who wear the opposite color which is red.

Crips Rank

(These ranks don't determine leadership but just how long a member has been bangin)

T.G. (Tiny Gangster)

O.T.G (Original Tiny Gangster)

B.G. (Baby Gangster)

O.B.G. (Original Baby Gangster)

O.G. (Original Gangster)

O.O.G. (Double O.G.)

O.O.O.G. (Tripple O.G.)

Crip Alliance Gangs


(Crips/Long Beach)




(Crips/Harbor City)

(Crips/Neighborhood/Rollin o's)



(Hoover Criminals)

Crip Alliance Colors

Navy Blue Baby Blue Black

Disses To Rivals



Bloody Tampons(Bloods)

Hepatitis B(Bloods)

2-11(BK/Blood Killer)

Dead Red(Bloods)

Black Piss Stones(Black P. Stone Bloods)

Pebbles(Black P. Stone Bloods)

Roaches(Tiny Raskals)




Tank Tops(Tree Top Pirus)

Elmo Street(Elm Street Pirus)

Bed Sheets(Ku Klux Klan)

Mr. Clean(Skin Heads)