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CROW TRAIL nothing else to say
In Malvern a.k.a Vern,Scarborough,Toronto,Canada,Crow Trail Is the Worst Area In malvern and Scarborough. some say Galloway a.k.a G-way is but the crime rate in Crow trial far exceeds Galloway nearly by double. Crow Trail is a set that goes with the gangster nation of Crips and Blood members in Crow Trail are non-exsestent.Crow Is Starting to be known for the high use of gun,high powered gun such as: tech 9,Micro SMG a.k.a Uzi and different tpes of high claober hand guns.
crow trail is so softttt. nowhere in malvern is da worst in scarboro. evry1 whos been there knows verns isnt even teh hood. its not ghetto mans arent strugglin.
the worst hoods in scarbs r catarqui,3rd lane,chester le n galloways area
Its people like you who never ever been walking on the streets of Malvern. You have driven by it and think that its nice. But we all know your just a fat ass slob at home writting on this eating chips and jerking off. So instead of talking on the internet and go malvern or crow trail and say what you gotta say. Since everyone on this site is so damm gangsta or there crip and bloods. Lets see everyone go to malvern and talk. You guys are losers.

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4 real crow trail the heart of malvern byrd gang got shit on lock niggaz

CROW TRAIL nothing else to say