Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangsta Bloods

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The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangstas started around 1961 before the Blood Alliance was formed. It is believed that the DSJMGs were started by Joshua Wyatt. They are the largest Blood gang in Lakewood and their subsets include No Line on 211th Street, Deuce Line on 212th Street, and Tray Line on 213th Street. Most of their area is ran by the Lakewood Family Bloods but a small portion of their turf lies in the boundaries of the East Side Palms Park Bloods. The Dark Side Junior Mafia Gangstas was sanctioned into the Bloods Alliance as a East Coast Bloods Set in 1972. Some of their main rivals include the East Side Junior Mafia Crips, the East Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13, Pasadena North Side Junior Mafia Crips, the Santa Fe Mafia Crips, the South Side Junior Mafia Crips, the West Side Junior Mafia Crips 17th St and West Side Varrio Costa Mesa 13. They used to rival the Straight Bloods Society, but they are now in an unofficial peace alliance to take on the Mayfair Park Gangsta Bloods, Murda Ville Bloods and the Samoan Army Pirus. Their closest allies are the Bloomfield Park Pirus, the East Side Palms Park Bloods, the Lakewood Family Bloods and the LA Palms Park Bloods. Members of this gang have been known to sport red apparel and will often dawn Junior Mafia gear to symbolize their gang.


Deceased members

  • Y/G Blood Dogg, 1996
  • Y/G Faze, 1996
  • Y/G Red Devil, 1996
  • O/G Fire Bug, 1997
  • O/O/G Wino, 1997
  • Y/G Beat Up On, 1997
  • O/O/G Mr. Klaus, 1998
  • O/O/O/G Strawberry, 1998
  • O/G Bay Bay, 1998
  • O/G M-60, 2013
  • O/O/O/G Speedzo, 2013
  • O/O/G Froot Loops, 2013
  • O/G CK Solo, 2013
  • O/Y/G Jay Boy, 2014
  • O/Y/G Shady Doe, 2014
  • O/G Zig Zag, 2014
  • O/Y/G D-Bop, 2014


Do to the injunction. They don't pose a threat or have any relevance in the Lakewood area.