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DAWG stands for "dumb ass white gangstaz".
Mostly wiggaz use it for example when [[Nick Carter]] and [[Tommy Lee]] were in [[Punk'D]] episode and Nick said to Tommy "yo DAWG".
not many true [[gangstaz]] use this slang, because they are obviously not white (no real gangster from [[da hood]] is white). It is also believed that [[Adolf Hitler]] used this term when shouting out to his army.
"dawg go and kill some jews" - A. Hitler, 1941
That is, of course, not proven but highly likely. In new [[Star wars]] episode, [[Yoda]] is believed to say to [[Quon-Chi]] following sentance:
"yo dawg skillz yo got mang" but it is similar to a.hitler quote, not prven (yet).
"Nearly have I passed out when intellectually I was challenged making link to my own entity and Harold, my dawg, disrupted me" ~ [[Oscar Wilde]]
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