Dean Park

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Fuck dis bull shit listen up Faggets who ever has a problem first off realize da fact dat dis is a fukcin Police Website zeen...n #2 if ur gona talk shit leave ur name u fuckin internet gangsta n #3 Dean Parks da block B'z up all day every day if ders a prob get at us...

Dean Park: our ting aint beef, its all about that paper if beef comes we handle we aint like them guyz who go lookin for beef...If it dosent make money it dont make sense RobN Hood Productions...A Mafia by what the five-o say? bout soft B'z up RHP or RIP...uR piCk

how the fucc is dean park the blocc. ive seen your building and its a fuccing condo. bout blocc. and b'z up? i swear you guys were crips last year. lmao fools.

Malvern nigga. Empz 4 Life. Watch dat movie, and you'll see hood life.